Bringin' Frumpy Back

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, January 16, 2009 at 10:05 AM


In my first miserable New Year's resolution failure of the year - today thus far I have not only cultivated neither art nor beauty in my life, but I think somewhere a fashion stylist just lost his fabulous wings.

I dropped off Devlin at school - at 10:40 - wearing faded yoga pants with a hole in the bum, an ill-fitting purple t-shirt, and no shoes. (Sadly, that isn't unusual). The bad part is that he was late enough that I very nearly had to walk him to the front office, sign him in, and personally deliver him to his class. Barefoot.

Gulp. At least I managed to get on a bra at some point during the morning!

Luckily, his teacher's aide took pity on me and let him sneak in after the bell, but I am determined to document the occasion here so I am not doomed to repeat it.

Honestly, you could go ahead and nominate me for What Not To Wear, and by now I'm sure you're thinking I desperately need it, but unless they offer me 5 grand, a nanny, and a housekeeper it's not going to do a bit of good!

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Um, Rachel, you are hilarious. Don't you know we ALL drop our kids off like that occasionally? So you were busy taking care of kids all morning. It is definitely OK! (Even though we all hate it when it happens!)

At least you have cute hair! I haven't a saving grace in that situation...

OK, I am biased. But I like you in frumpy hole in the bum pants. I am so used to seeing you without shoes, and I love your picture. Can't hide your beauty from your dad. No sir.


I read your blog, and thought it was hysterically funny. Been there, done that, very well might do it again.



I read your blog, and thought it was hysterically funny. Been there, done that, very well might do it again.



I thought your blog was hysterically funny. Been there, done that, might very well do it again.


I'm laughing because I can so relate!!

One time I ran to the school to take Katie something in ONLY a bathrobe. She didn't come out for a long time. I was listening to the radio while I waited. After she finally came out, my car would not start--my battery was dead. I had to go find someone to jump my car, in ONLY my robe. I can't believe I survived the humiliation.

Ha I love the thought of you frumpy - it's so far from true! Me - not as funny, sadly :) Your posts are great...keep 'em coming.

LOL! Rach, you are adorable. And we've ALL done that. Yup.

I know that feeling. - and I agree- at least your hair is fabulous. Although I have offered (and will continue to offer) to wear clothes like that for as long as needed to have my friends film me and sign me up for the show. I'll do anything. $5000 in new clothes. Who's crying...not me. Love, Cam

I like how hard you try to look frumpy in this picture. You're not fooling anyone. I've never seen anyone look better bare-faced-and-footed. You are the crunchy chic.

And happy birthday Dave! I love Rachel's last post and we all agree--you're one awesome dude!

I know - how do you make a "frumpy" face, anyway? If I wasn't so vain I would post the whole series that I took trying to capture "frumpy". Kind of makes it hard when you have to take self-portraits all the time - you all don't have the benefit of seeing the whole ensemble...