A New Lovey

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Sunday, February 15, 2009 at 6:12 PM


So, what with the binkies having up and vacated the premises, Eve has been obliged to focus her considerable attentions on a new comfort object. For her main squeeze, she is currently crushing on this rather swarthy, nameless stuffed gorilla - a relic from my husband's remote youth.

She insists that he is a bear, and who are we to argue? Don't sweat the small stuff, that's my motto with this kid - otherwise we'd be on World War XXVI with many more yet to come. (He may be a bear on Planet Eve, but he's got a significant brow ridge that very conveniently doubles as a carrying handle).

"Dat bear go sweep! He need anoder bwankie".

"See? He have binky, puz he a baby! I not have binky. Dat bear jus have binky".

"An he have owinj doos!"

"I wead him dat book about dat cwab guy".

All things being equal, I do wish she had settled on something smaller than she is - but if it gets binkies out of my life with greater speed and efficiency (and less drama!), then I'm not going to split hairs.

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Cute, cute, cute. This is really cute.

She is so darling. What a little nurturer. This is cute. She is trying to be strong and be a big girl. I think she understands. I love your writing as they speak. I love those kids! Happy birthday!

I know that "bear!" Glad he came in handy for something. I can just hear that convo taking place. Cute girl!

I feel the same way about Russell, the stuffed bear who rivals Gavin in size. He has adopted other furry friends, too, and it is HILARIOUS to watch him walk around with two or three in tow. But whatever works, right? A binky-free existence is pretty liberating!