Three going on 13

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Sunday, March 1, 2009 at 6:45 PM


In whirlwind fashion - even for me - we held Eve's birthday party on Saturday. My profound thanks to my wonderful family, we all came on about one day's notice - in costume, no less! Eve loves to dress up, so I asked everyone to come wearing a hat in her honor. On that note, I present to you:

A Viking and a Mongolian baseball player:

A Scottish grandpa and a trucker:

Indiana Jones:

A Japanese cowgirl:

A sunflower, a beekeeper, and a gardener:

And two gorgeous girlies:

$2 worth of party favors kept the kids (mostly) happy:

Even if it was a little windy for Iris's taste:

(She really didn't mind too much):

Eve wasn't a big fan of the breeze ("dis cwof, it keeps bwowing in my face!")

But she did give her seal of approval to all the wonderful presents:

Including basically a whole new wardrobe, which she promptly wanted to wear:

All at the same time (I've just now gotten the swimsuit off her this afternoon, over 24 hours later. Yes, she slept in it. Pick your battles, I'm telling you):

She also got a couple of classic little girl toys, in the way of an "angel" Cabbage Patch baby and a My Little Pony (character merchandising isn't nearly so offensive when it's something I remember fondly from my own childhood, somehow):

In short, it was a riotous success. We missed those of you who could not be there very much, and love you all the same. Happy birthday Evie!

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So glad you had fun. I LOVE the hat idea! I might have to steal it one day for my girlie.

Great party Rachel. A big success. Such fun.

Cute idea w/ the hats! And, yes, it's true. Character merchandise loses lots of it's nausiating quality when it's nostalgic :) Happy birthday!

That was a good time. I'm happy she liked the swim suit so much! Very fun.

Her birthday party is cute. I love that she wanted to sleep in her swimsuit. I was the same way. Now I just wear my swimsuit around the house hoping it will call the sun to me, so I can go sun bathing.

Happy birthday Evie! She is so cute. Your blogs/pictures always make Arizona look like the greatest place to live.

Happy birthday EVE! Yea, I love the Iris pics too! They are all so cute and growing so fast! Love the hats on everyone.

i'm loving evie changing into her swimsuit at the park. her personality is my favorite. so stinkin' cute.

Hey Stranger!! It looks like Eve had a great party!! The swimsuit is adorable!

Miss ya on the board!


How fun! I LOVE her swimsuit! hey I'm coming to arizona for easter we should try and get together!