The one with the Easter Clothes

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Sunday, April 12, 2009 at 9:21 PM


Aren't they fabulous?

I am blessed beyond measure, and so grateful for my beautiful family. I can just hardly stand the sight of them all together like that! It's just too much - too much for one person to deserve.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Cute, cute, cute. Congrats on the matching dresses. Good work

you're good! I always have best intentions of putting my kids into nice holiday clothes, but it never happens.

I hate to sound cheesy, but your family looks poster perfect!

SOOO cute! Wish I got to see the real thing!

Yes, Olya, that's why I took the pictures BEFORE church! :) Sure enough, we didn't even all make it through Sacrament Meeting (the girls melted down in spectacular fashion) but we do *look* organized, don't we? It's amazing the image that you can give off from just one moment captured on film...

i still can't get over the matching dresses...holy domestic! way to be a rockstar mom.

i love that last one on the stairs so much...they are so stinkin' cute.

The wonderful thing is that they are as nice as they are cute!

They are beautiful Rachel, and you totally deserve it. You work very hard every day to deserve it! You have a truly wonderful family.

I love your outfit too! I was hoping I'd get to see it!

Love you so much!

Do I gather that you actually MADE those darling dresses? Adorable. Think family photo calendar 2010... :)

Oh these are so cute! Love all the clothes and how they're matchy :)

I just had to say again how much I love these pictures. They are so, so, SO adorable. I can't keep from giggling when I see them.

rachel! it's me susie (hall). i LOVE your blog! your family is bee-yoo-t-full! hey i know rockin r ranch is totally lame but are you guys going to the reunion? i'd love to see you!