2 out of 3

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So, we had a really big day planned for Saturday. A bunch of thing all coincided and we figured we'd just start at the beginning and see where we ended up. It turned out we got to do everything but the church swimming/dessert party (which we wisely had not mentioned to the kids ahead of time).

Heidi said she wanted me to blog this, so everyone else gets to read about it too! Just try to act interested for a minute, ok?

First off was: building a pirate ship! Not a bad way to start the day, really. Lowe's across the street offers these free Saturday projects where you build little whatevers (we've done a flower planter, a putt returner, etc) and they give you an apron and merit badge type things to sew on it for each project. Each kid also gets a tiny hammer and safety goggles (Dev says, "in case you accidentally hammer your eye".) My kids are totally hooked.

Dev has been anticipating this day for weeks! He and his dad studiously applied themselves to the task at hand:

while Eve watched, feigning interest:

pretended to read the instruction manual:

and made "hats" out of the various pieces:

It came out rather well, if I do say so myself, and many lego persons have been made to walk the plank in the time since its assembly:

Once the ship was built, we dropped Iris off at Granny and Grampa's house for an afternoon of watermelon, playtime, and a big fat nap, while the big kids got to ride the train into downtown for their Very First Baseball Game.

We waited for the train. It was hot:

Who's feeling pretty smart right now for packing a bunch of snacks?

No problem Eve, I'm sure those headrests are positively crawling with good bacteria:

So, we arrived and there was a baseball game - I think maybe David got to watch a little bit of it:

If I could sum up the baseball game experience in one photograph, this would be it. Eve was Not A Fan of the many loud noises that a stadium has to offer:

Devlin was amazed at grass growing indoors (our stadium has a retractable roof that was wisely closed for this game - it was only 110):

We figured since we'd come this far, we might as well get the complete package - hot dogs, cotton candy, and all:

Devlin on the sugary pink stuff: "It's magical!"

This is the best version of my life.


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While I was downstairs this morning stretching, meditating, and downward-dogging, this is what my big kids were up to. I will swear on anything you like that I had nothing to do with it. I just document what I see!

He might be all boy, but I don't know what's not to like about a giant pink twirly skirt.

And I guess that was really fun, because they came down a few minutes later like this:

"Action transvestites!"

I totally dig Devlin's color palette. Girls really do have it better in their clothing selection, you have to agree.

I did draw the line short of wearing each other's swimsuits to the pool for lessons today - nothing to break a person's concentration like a 5-year-old boy in a 3-year-old girl's bathing suit!

So, I guess the moral of this story is that I need to look into outfitting Dev in some more colorful clothes for school next year - and maybe installing a dance floor and disco ball in my living room.

Letting go

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I'm freaking out a little bit today.

I spent part of the afternoon getting this here little pile of goodies all ready for a new home. These are the newborn sized diapers I used for both Eve and Iris, and some wool covers. I haven't seen these in months, except to curse them as I stepped on them yet again in their "to be sold/donated" pile on the floor of the coat closet. So I shouldn't miss them, right?

Does anyone believe that for a second?

I am done having babies. I know this. Rationally, logically, pragmatically, I feel good about this decision on every level. I am confident that it is the right one for me, and for my family.

But when I see that little pile of diapers, ready to go live with some other family - when I'm packing them up into a box, never to use them again - I'm having a hard time. Having another baby won't solve this problem for me, only delay it for a year or two. Because eventually, no matter what, one of those babies will be the last one. I might as well face it.

I don't miss my older two kids as babies, but maybe that's because I always had another baby to take their place as the family caboose. With Iris, I find myself thinking all the time: is this the last time she will smile at me with three teeth? Is this the last time she will wear this tiny dress? I smell her breath every day because I don't want to miss the last sweet baby breath. One day it will change, and it won't be there any more, and another piece of her infancy will be gone forever. I can't get it back, so I have to enjoy it and be present for it while it's happening.

But, most of the time - when I'm not packing away sentimental piles of clothing and sundries - I am looking forward to the next chapter. I can't wait to take the kids to the symphony, to travel without accounting for naptimes, to take my girls out for mother-daughter pedicures. There is so much to look forward to, so many wonderful moments yet to come that I don't even know to anticipate. Moments like this one:

I am ready. I really am. I am not doubting my decision to have three children. It's perfect, and I love it.

But I really need to get those diapers out of sight and out of mind!

Keep your comrade warm

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Piglet, meet Piglet. Sleep tight.

New leaf

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So, here's a nice, happy, relatively mindless "note" to change the pace a little around here.

(Thanks to everyone for your commiseration, and taking my venting in the spirit in which it was meant. I am all about honesty, and I'm feeling better today).

Love surveys but tired of answering questions about what posters you have in your room and whether you’d kiss the last person you kissed? Me, too. Here's a quiz for the more mature time waster (love this!)

1. Which household helper would you most like to have on staff: chef, physical trainer, nanny, maid, gardener, stylist, personal assistant, or masseuse?

Well, ideally I'd live in a place with a large enough yard to warrant a gardener. Seeing as I don't, I would happily take the services of a maid. I don't mind cleaning, necessarily, but I don't really think I'd miss it either.

2. If you won a contest to have any single room in your home renovated, which room would you choose and what would you have done?

Can I count my whole downstairs as a room, since there are no doors? If not, I'd like the front room redone with floors and a new rug. If the one I have sheds much more, there's going to be nothing left!

3. What’s the ideal way to spend a Friday night? A sunny Saturday afternoon? A rainy Sunday?

Friday night: out with my husband and some of our friends, eating fabulous food, playing games, lively conversation

Sunny Saturday: out running fun yet productive errands with my whole family, lunch outdoors somewhere, lots of walking

Rainy Sunday - oooh, naps all around and a long drive to somewhere exciting

4. What three things would you love to own but would never buy for yourself?

- I'd love to have a really nice watch, something insane like Cartier or Omega
- a Steinway
- wood floors (I would totally buy these though)

5. If you employer offered to pay for you to take a class on any subject, work-related or not, during company time, what would you study?

Voice lessons

6. What physical attribute do you consider least attractive in members of the opposite gender? The same gender?

Opposite gender: a moustache (unless paired with a goatee)

Same gender: heavy makeup/obvious boob job/fake tan/dyed blonde hair (it's a package deal, there's a LOT of these running around this area)

7. What word or phrase do you typically use to express frustration? Excitement? Disbelief?

Frustration: "Argh" (hard to write, sort of a primal gutteral type thing)
Excitement: *claps hands and jumps up and down*
Disbelief: "Are you kidding me?"

8. What occurrence or element of your life makes you most aware that you’re an adult?


9. What do you find most physically and mentally draining?

sibling bickering, dirty house

10. What’s the most annoying thing about people younger than you?

"texting speak" or whatever you call it, when people speak and write like they're a Prince track listing

11. What song immediately takes you back to high school?


12. What movie did you most identify with when you were in college?

Let's see, wasn't in college very long. I remember seeing Dead Poet's Society when I was just going into high school and identifying with that very strongly.

13. What personality trait have you learned to appreciate in others?

People who do what they say they will do

14. What personality trait do you find most frustrating in others?

People who know everything and aren't afraid to talk about it

15. What do you wish you'd spent less time doing when you were younger?

chasing boys and looking for ways to be unhappy


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Some days, I wonder what I was thinking, having children.

Three. Three kids, seriously? Rachel? Bueller? Anyone??

I know people with more children than I have. Sane, happy, "together" people. I'm not saying it can't be done, and done well. But this isn't their blog, it's mine. And today, I feel like spilling my guts.

I am exhausted. Mentally, physically, emotionally exhausted. I, in all seriousness, do not have a moment to myself. Everywhere I go, everything I do (or try to do), everything I see has their literal and figurative fingerprints on it.

If I try to sit down and watch a little TV during naptime, there are packing tape and three raisins stuck to my butt when I stand up.

If I try to take a bath, there is dried poop on the rim of the tub.

If I try to curl up on the couch with a book, all the cushions are in a pile (sorry, "fort") in the middle of the living room.

If I try to get dressed and go out, my shoes have all been buckled/laced/velcroed together in a chain stretching from one end of my closet to the other. (This is assuming there isn't a baby sleeping in my closet, preventing me from getting dressed altogether).

If I try to do the dishes, there is a "tire swing" made from my tape measure and a teething ring hanging from my faucet, with Lambey dangling below.

If I try to work out, there is a baby pawing at my sweaty, downward-dogging face.

If I try to have a snack, I am assaulted with so many calls for frozen grapes! string cheese! nectarines! goldfish crackers! waffles! orange soda! edamame! that by the time I have silenced the din, I either forgot to eat or have lost my appetite.

If I try to pee alone, I close the door behind me and turn around to find a stuffed pig on the back of the toilet, one in the sink, and one sitting on the TP roll. "Asleep". And if I move them, you bet your last shiny nickel I will hear about it - loudly.

If I try to go shopping, I never make it out of the toy department.

If I try to make some music, I am quickly sat upon by two different people fighting over who can find middle C first.

I love them. Of course, I love them. With all my heart. I would run into traffic for them. I would (and have) catch their poop, wipe their noses, and pick out their favorite color vitamins every morning. I love them.

But sometimes they drive me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!

* * * * * * * *

There, I feel better! And tomorrow is a new day. For all of us.

Eight years

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Tomorrow, technically. I have been married for eight years.

Right now, David is downstairs simultaneously working on a side project to help pay some extra bills, playing peek-a-boo with Iris, teaching Devlin the rules of tennis and watching the French Open men's final, and Eve is standing behind him, styling his hair best I can tell. This is my husband. He does it all.

I feel so lucky. I got married young, not really knowing enough about myself or people in general. Things could have turned out differently. But we grew up together, not apart, and we're happier than ever.

(I think we look pretty good too!)

Here's to many more years, and the next chapters in our lives. Happy anniversary.


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Whew! That was a nice little blogging nap I had there. For a month.

My camera's been broken, and I am just not very inspired to blog without photos, so that's how this big hiatus got started. Then I got tired of waiting for my camera and started taking pictures with my *sniff* cell phone. (I'm such a snob). Then I realized it had kind of been a really long time since I had posted anything, and nothing seemed fabulous enough to kick off a new season of blogging, as it were, so I just crawled into a virtual corner and covered my eyes, Eve-style, figuring if I couldn't see all of you then maybe you couldn't see me either.

Oh. You're still there? Then I guess I might as well post something. Since I'm here anyway.

I've been busy, making lots of refreshing, soul-stirring, momentous changes. To wit:

My hair is gone! Again. I've spent the last year and a half growing it out, and to David's mild dismay I really, really just prefer it short. So short it is, and short it shall remain for the foreseeable future.

Having gotten my mojo back in a big way, I felt inspired to tackle the big wall in the big kids' room, that used to look awesome but after a major furniture rearrangement was sadly off-center. Behold the fruits of my efforts!

The kids are very pleased, as you can see. They were delighted at my drilling large holes in the walls, delighted at the garishly painted shelves (which can doubtless be seen from space, although you can't tell from this sad sad picture)...just delighted all around. Eve immediately wanted to hang every stuffed animal she owns from her shelf, which by the way is not physically possible. I'd have to get a *much* bigger shelf. Devlin was very adamant that he only wanted animals that were "very special to [him]" to reside on his shelf, so currently the only invitees are Lamby, Lou Who, and Boo Who (a rather non-traditional family of a sheep and two monkeys).

I am very pleased with this project, since I literally did everything but make their bedding. I took the photo, had it enlarged, framed it, made their names, painted the shelves, hung it all myself...it looks pretty fantastic if I don't mind saying so. Their little room is like a jigsaw puzzle that I am continually redoing. A good challenge.

My mojo, kicked off by the haircut and driven into high gear by the success of my design efforts, is all ready to find a new outlet (and the camera should be here Friday) so if I've still got any readers left I invite you all (plural? right?) to check in for more redheaded happenings this weekend.

Good night all!