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So, we had a really big day planned for Saturday. A bunch of thing all coincided and we figured we'd just start at the beginning and see where we ended up. It turned out we got to do everything but the church swimming/dessert party (which we wisely had not mentioned to the kids ahead of time).

Heidi said she wanted me to blog this, so everyone else gets to read about it too! Just try to act interested for a minute, ok?

First off was: building a pirate ship! Not a bad way to start the day, really. Lowe's across the street offers these free Saturday projects where you build little whatevers (we've done a flower planter, a putt returner, etc) and they give you an apron and merit badge type things to sew on it for each project. Each kid also gets a tiny hammer and safety goggles (Dev says, "in case you accidentally hammer your eye".) My kids are totally hooked.

Dev has been anticipating this day for weeks! He and his dad studiously applied themselves to the task at hand:

while Eve watched, feigning interest:

pretended to read the instruction manual:

and made "hats" out of the various pieces:

It came out rather well, if I do say so myself, and many lego persons have been made to walk the plank in the time since its assembly:

Once the ship was built, we dropped Iris off at Granny and Grampa's house for an afternoon of watermelon, playtime, and a big fat nap, while the big kids got to ride the train into downtown for their Very First Baseball Game.

We waited for the train. It was hot:

Who's feeling pretty smart right now for packing a bunch of snacks?

No problem Eve, I'm sure those headrests are positively crawling with good bacteria:

So, we arrived and there was a baseball game - I think maybe David got to watch a little bit of it:

If I could sum up the baseball game experience in one photograph, this would be it. Eve was Not A Fan of the many loud noises that a stadium has to offer:

Devlin was amazed at grass growing indoors (our stadium has a retractable roof that was wisely closed for this game - it was only 110):

We figured since we'd come this far, we might as well get the complete package - hot dogs, cotton candy, and all:

Devlin on the sugary pink stuff: "It's magical!"

This is the best version of my life.

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Precious pictures. Thank you Rachel for the photos and the blogs. These are priceless

Gee, thanks! Just for the record, on the picture where Eve is putting on safety goggles, Zach thought she was donning a diving mask. See the way the faucet behind her might make him think that?

Ha! I totally do. Smart boy, that one.