Eight years

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 8:52 AM


Tomorrow, technically. I have been married for eight years.

Right now, David is downstairs simultaneously working on a side project to help pay some extra bills, playing peek-a-boo with Iris, teaching Devlin the rules of tennis and watching the French Open men's final, and Eve is standing behind him, styling his hair best I can tell. This is my husband. He does it all.

I feel so lucky. I got married young, not really knowing enough about myself or people in general. Things could have turned out differently. But we grew up together, not apart, and we're happier than ever.

(I think we look pretty good too!)

Here's to many more years, and the next chapters in our lives. Happy anniversary.

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Congrats! Eight years later and you guys look awesome. Dare I say, better? :)

Congratulations! I hope you take some time to celebrate. :)

happy anniversary! you both look amazing :)

Congratulations and Happy #8.

Happy Anniversary. Hard to believe it has been eight years. Funny piece of trivia...I realized yesterday that I wore the same dress to church that I wore to your wedding. Does someone need to go shopping????

Hey, I could help you with that! That's the good thing about having babies and changing sizes so often is that you're obliged to get new clothes now and again...

oh my gosh! I recognize your husband. He went to Mesa High too, right? Congrats and here's to many more happy years

i can't believe its been 8 years! I remember going to your reception and thinking how beautiful your dress was!