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So, here's a nice, happy, relatively mindless "note" to change the pace a little around here.

(Thanks to everyone for your commiseration, and taking my venting in the spirit in which it was meant. I am all about honesty, and I'm feeling better today).

Love surveys but tired of answering questions about what posters you have in your room and whether you’d kiss the last person you kissed? Me, too. Here's a quiz for the more mature time waster (love this!)

1. Which household helper would you most like to have on staff: chef, physical trainer, nanny, maid, gardener, stylist, personal assistant, or masseuse?

Well, ideally I'd live in a place with a large enough yard to warrant a gardener. Seeing as I don't, I would happily take the services of a maid. I don't mind cleaning, necessarily, but I don't really think I'd miss it either.

2. If you won a contest to have any single room in your home renovated, which room would you choose and what would you have done?

Can I count my whole downstairs as a room, since there are no doors? If not, I'd like the front room redone with floors and a new rug. If the one I have sheds much more, there's going to be nothing left!

3. What’s the ideal way to spend a Friday night? A sunny Saturday afternoon? A rainy Sunday?

Friday night: out with my husband and some of our friends, eating fabulous food, playing games, lively conversation

Sunny Saturday: out running fun yet productive errands with my whole family, lunch outdoors somewhere, lots of walking

Rainy Sunday - oooh, naps all around and a long drive to somewhere exciting

4. What three things would you love to own but would never buy for yourself?

- I'd love to have a really nice watch, something insane like Cartier or Omega
- a Steinway
- wood floors (I would totally buy these though)

5. If you employer offered to pay for you to take a class on any subject, work-related or not, during company time, what would you study?

Voice lessons

6. What physical attribute do you consider least attractive in members of the opposite gender? The same gender?

Opposite gender: a moustache (unless paired with a goatee)

Same gender: heavy makeup/obvious boob job/fake tan/dyed blonde hair (it's a package deal, there's a LOT of these running around this area)

7. What word or phrase do you typically use to express frustration? Excitement? Disbelief?

Frustration: "Argh" (hard to write, sort of a primal gutteral type thing)
Excitement: *claps hands and jumps up and down*
Disbelief: "Are you kidding me?"

8. What occurrence or element of your life makes you most aware that you’re an adult?


9. What do you find most physically and mentally draining?

sibling bickering, dirty house

10. What’s the most annoying thing about people younger than you?

"texting speak" or whatever you call it, when people speak and write like they're a Prince track listing

11. What song immediately takes you back to high school?


12. What movie did you most identify with when you were in college?

Let's see, wasn't in college very long. I remember seeing Dead Poet's Society when I was just going into high school and identifying with that very strongly.

13. What personality trait have you learned to appreciate in others?

People who do what they say they will do

14. What personality trait do you find most frustrating in others?

People who know everything and aren't afraid to talk about it

15. What do you wish you'd spent less time doing when you were younger?

chasing boys and looking for ways to be unhappy

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What a mature time-waster you are...and I'm glad!

Highly entertaining. I love these questions. Such happy things to ponder on . . .

Fun questions. I would go hands-down for a maid. Would tomorrow be okay?? :P
ps. I love the picture of Lambey in the teething ring :)