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Whew! That was a nice little blogging nap I had there. For a month.

My camera's been broken, and I am just not very inspired to blog without photos, so that's how this big hiatus got started. Then I got tired of waiting for my camera and started taking pictures with my *sniff* cell phone. (I'm such a snob). Then I realized it had kind of been a really long time since I had posted anything, and nothing seemed fabulous enough to kick off a new season of blogging, as it were, so I just crawled into a virtual corner and covered my eyes, Eve-style, figuring if I couldn't see all of you then maybe you couldn't see me either.

Oh. You're still there? Then I guess I might as well post something. Since I'm here anyway.

I've been busy, making lots of refreshing, soul-stirring, momentous changes. To wit:

My hair is gone! Again. I've spent the last year and a half growing it out, and to David's mild dismay I really, really just prefer it short. So short it is, and short it shall remain for the foreseeable future.

Having gotten my mojo back in a big way, I felt inspired to tackle the big wall in the big kids' room, that used to look awesome but after a major furniture rearrangement was sadly off-center. Behold the fruits of my efforts!

The kids are very pleased, as you can see. They were delighted at my drilling large holes in the walls, delighted at the garishly painted shelves (which can doubtless be seen from space, although you can't tell from this sad sad picture)...just delighted all around. Eve immediately wanted to hang every stuffed animal she owns from her shelf, which by the way is not physically possible. I'd have to get a *much* bigger shelf. Devlin was very adamant that he only wanted animals that were "very special to [him]" to reside on his shelf, so currently the only invitees are Lamby, Lou Who, and Boo Who (a rather non-traditional family of a sheep and two monkeys).

I am very pleased with this project, since I literally did everything but make their bedding. I took the photo, had it enlarged, framed it, made their names, painted the shelves, hung it all myself...it looks pretty fantastic if I don't mind saying so. Their little room is like a jigsaw puzzle that I am continually redoing. A good challenge.

My mojo, kicked off by the haircut and driven into high gear by the success of my design efforts, is all ready to find a new outlet (and the camera should be here Friday) so if I've still got any readers left I invite you all (plural? right?) to check in for more redheaded happenings this weekend.

Good night all!

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Here's one reader who's glad to have you back!

Nice job.

well if your mojo runs out of project at your house, mine could use some serious pick-me-up vibes of the red-headed variety. :) i love the room and i'm glad you are back.

Hey you! I read this last night and would have been your first comment but my blogger wasn't working. :(. Yea! You're back and the rooms are so cute!! Hooray!

Wow. That WAS quite a blog break. Glad you're back!
I like your hair short or long. With that gorgeous color you could have a mullet and it would be cute. {OK, maybe not really a mullet, but what I mean is that you have great hair.} Your short red hair is just so...YOU!
Oh yeah, and their room looks great! Good job!