Cleaning house

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, August 28, 2009 at 10:33 PM


With school starting for Devlin, I've had to find a new groove. It has involved piano lessons on Saturday mornings, walking to the bus stop, homework, making lunches, baking bread (and eating it), working out every day with my sister, and lots and lots of "Mommy and Evie time".

Sadly, my new groove has not yet evolved to include regular blogging, applying makeup, or any of the many MANY projects on my cluttered to-do list.

However, some major progress has been made this weekend already and I thought I'd celebrate with a little oversharing. You know, in case anyone else takes disproportionate pleasure in checking things off and tidying things up.

Three little towels, all in a row (on the wall, not the floor, on hooks that are NOT going to come out - third time's the charm!):

My sister Emily bonding with sweet baby Iris (just practicing, you know - I'm brainwashing every someday-mother I can get my hands on with the Babywearing Mojo):

And finally - FINALLY - almost 7 years after moving in, 2.5 years after purchasing drapery fabric, and one year after hanging the rods...

I have curtains! *happy dance*

But I didn't make them. I bought them. And I refuse to feel bad about it. IKEA has saved my bacon yet again, and the old fabric is going to craigslist - so if anyone needs 25 yards or so of brown faux silk, keep your eyes out. I'm open to offers.

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Oh my gosh!! They even look amazing in the pictures. I cannot believe how these drapes transformed the room. I want to come over again just to look at them. That was so fun shopping for them and hanging them up. Thanks so much for letting me do it with you!

Ooh! I just thought! Won't your Christmas tree look awesome in there?!

Sounds like you've been busy. I love IKEA. We've gotten drapes there before and you can't beat the price. :)

Em, I totally thought that about the Christmas tree too!