Family Vacation, so-called, the short version

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I keep waiting for the energy to do this post justice. It does not appear to be forthcoming, and every day that goes by makes this information less relevant and my brain more crowded. So better late than never, and better something than nothing!

We went to Utah and Idaho last week to see the Grandparents Great. As usual, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be - although we did have some interesting events along the way. What would a family vacation be without them?

This was the last time Iris smiled in the car (it's ok, we only drove 2100 miles from here):

Arrived Sunday night at our ill-conceived accommodations, boasting dog hair in the bed, a beehive and broken beer bottles on the patio, and no towels. Among other niceties.

Monday morning found David a sneezing, watery-eyed mess. Mercifully, our renter gave us a refund and we secured other lodgings for the rest of the trip.

Monday was also the day we met up with David's parents, younger sister Holly, and older sister Heidi and her family. We went to the zoo, roughly together, then out to lunch and swimming. It was a big day, but my kids were so thrilled to see their oft-remembered cousins:

We rode an elephant:

and saw a real live hedgehog!

Two red strollers, one adorable towhead Gavin:

Iris was a pretty good sport about having her precious napping routine disrupted (or was it me whose precious napping routine was disrupted?):

That night we stayed with David's Aunt Diane and Uncle Galen, who pampered us royally. My kids now think I am Very Very Boring compared to Uncle "Red Tickler" Galen!

The next day we went with Mark, Claudia, and Holly to Idaho, where my kids met Mark's parents for the first time. In my stupidest moment of the entire trip, I did not take a picture of this event. If you had been there, you would understand why it slipped my mind though! The kids attended their town parade and county fair, where Mark gave them the inside scoop on cows, pigs, sheep, and everything in between. Devlin very gallantly picked up every piece of yellow parade candy he could get his hands on for Evie.

Stayed overnight in Twin Falls, ID, then back to Salt Lake on Wednesday, to the surprisingly homey Homewood Suites Hotel. Our kids wasted no time turning our living room into a Nudist Fort:

Thursday we hiked to Timpanogos Cave and took a guided tour.

Devlin greatly hoped to see a bat and was disappointed - however, we did get to see a "fishmunk":

It was fascinating, and very enjoyable once David volunteered to carry both Eve and the backpack with all our provisions. Devlin's favorite was the "cave popcorn":

Friday I took the kids - yes, all of them - to the Salt Lake Children's Museum while David represented our family at his great-aunt Gwen's funeral. The kids had a ball, and I only had to enlist the help of security to find Eve one time so I consider that a success. We attended Aunt Diane's 60th birthday party Friday night and it was a rare treat to have so much of David's family together in one place!

Saturday morning we took the kids to visit Claudia's parents. We had a lovely time, although you'd never know it from this photo:

You're never too old to wrestle, apparently!

The kids were absolutely smitten with Great Grandma's secret garden (and collection of garden animals):

We also had the pleasure (well, we thought it as nice - I hope David's grandparents have recovered) of lunch at the Chuck-A-Rama, including an extra trip just for the dessert bar.

Saturday afternoon we had dinner in the park with a lovely friend of mine, a lovely friend of hers, and a fantastic spread of homemade baba ganouj. We have eight kids between our families, so we opted for dining al fresco:

Iris and Daddy go ten rounds over a paper plate:

And Devlin gets what he has coming to him:

Sunday we drove home, and ever since I've been trying to put my life back together. As of the completion of this post, I think I have succeeded to my satisfaction.

Let's do it again next year!

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Yea!!! That was so fun to read and see all the fun you had while you were gone!! That is so awesome you got to see so many distant family members! Glad you had a great time! Thanks for sharing!

I think I deserve at least one comment for every hour that I spent creating this post, so I'm commenting on my own blog. I rule.

My husband's parents live in Jerome, right by Twin Falls. Just. Fyi...

I wish I knew you in real life so you could show me how to sling it up for real.

Jerome, that's exactly where we were! How strange.