Holy cow, I have 3 kids, and other delightful observations

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 7:39 PM


Such a lovely little week!

Curtains, not only in my front room as documented last blog, but in my bedroom as well! Long, white, flowing, romantic curtains, like I always wanted.

(Never mind the Channel-One-style television mounted in the corner, that's not the romantic part. Focus on the curtains, people.)

Labor Day carne asada at our place, with all my Arizona family. I was so busy having fun, of course, that I forgot to take pictures, but here's a typical action shot of my children. Hurricanes Devlin and Eve, with Iris roughly in lotus position watching it all unfold:

Speaking of that baby, she now has 5 teeth, and can stand on her own for many seconds at a time. She also took her first step toward me tonight! It was wobbly at best, but I am counting it. I am so delighted for her that I almost completely forgot to be sad that my last baby is almost one, almost walking, almost not a baby anymore.

(This is my third consecutive child to absolutely adore that little blue car in the background, by the way. David bought it for Devlin and I confess I thought he was an idiot for spending $80 on a child's toy car, but I admit it, I was WRONG, it's a fabulous item and has served us very well all these years. Plus, every family of leftist elitist snobs needs a BMW for their children).

Devlin has his first "big" tooth coming in already! It's on the bottom, in the middle. Too bad his baby tooth has forgotten to fall out first, so he looks a bit like a shark just at the moment. He is my kid, after all - braces are doubtless in our future.

Also on the home organization front, we got our downstairs coat closet put back together this week, a mere 2 months or so after the builder's grade shelf (singular) formerly located therein decided to come crashing down with great fanfare. We now have 5 lovely shelves, securely attached to the wall, which have allowed a place to store all of Devlin's choking hazards (sorry, TOYS) up out of nosy little babies' reach and behind a door. It has also allowed my pantry to be put to use storing only food, for the first time, if you can imagine such a thing. It's a beautiful, beautiful sight.

So that you might be as happy as I am on this Wednesday evening, I'll leave with you with two pictures of all my kids in the same frame. Truly momentous, and if I do say so myself, truly beautiful.

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Carne asada? I only dream of that. One day I will be able to eat it again. Sounds like a fun labor day. Love the curtains. You've been busy. Your kids are adorable as usual. :)

That post was rather gushing! Good for you! I am happy for all your children and related accomplishments.

I love those kids pictures. So cute. They are a beautiful bunch, I concur. Let's see the closet, Rachel! I'm so excited for you!

Your kids are so adorable!!

That last picture is cute, cute, cute. How satisfying for you as their mommy!!

Ooo, those curtains are perfectly romantic! Some day I'll do the same ... once we have our own home, that is :P

ps, I love the action shot!:)