The last first birthday

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Sunday, September 27, 2009 at 7:33 PM


See, I already don't like that title. It sounds really depressing, and we had a fabulous time tonight! Iris was giddy all the way until bed time. She must be the luckiest baby in the world, and she knows it.

Yes, those are hedgehogs. On her shoes.

The party was short and sweet, just a little dinner at my parents' with (almost) all my favorite people.

Grandma and Grandpa Dent, this is what Iris bought with your birthday money. Bibs! With hedgehogs! Who knew?

(All she ate was blueberries for dinner, incidentally. This is becoming sort of a tradition in my family.)

And this, folks, is how you make a watermelon cake.

The company was delightful, and we missed dearly those of you who could not be with us. Iris says thank you...

...from the bottom of her little hedgie heart.

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Happy Birthday Iris! What a cutie!

It really was such a nice party. perfect! Love that little girl.

Adorable! Thanks for the (almost). Wish we could have been there!

She's so beautiful! She's so big. I'm right with you there in the title. It's so fun to watch them grow, but they can't grow back small. It's bittersweet to see our little baby turning into a little lady. (Like how I called her "ours?" Like I have a right to claim her or something).

Happy, happy birthday Iris! We missed you too!

What a fun party! Iris is a doll.

Happy birthday to beautiful Iris and to her mama! Adorable hedgehogs, and love the dress too!

gah! she is adorable!