Red-Letter Day

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 7:20 PM


I'm on such a high right now!

1. Notice anything different about this little man right here? (hint: little hole on the bottom right of the smile)

Tooth Fairy, take notice! (I just hope she can find the darn thing on his white polka-dotted sheets).

2. The above-mentioned toothless boy is sleeping in his room...alone. That is because Eve is sleeping with Iris. Yes, I did it. Devlin has been needing more space, more big-boy-ness. He's got experiments to conduct, robots to build, electricity to harness, and none of that works with two little sisters who delight (Eve: intentionally, Iris: innocently) in destroying all his creations.

My plan has always been to put the girls in together, in the yellow room, but I was waiting until Iris was out of a crib, closer to 2 years old (and hoping that Eve's baseline volume level would come down significantly somewhere in the interim as well). But I decided - what the heck, let's just try it. The worst that could happen is the girls miss out on a few hours of sleep and we abandon ship and try again in 6 months. Or a year.

But I am shocked and thrilled to announce, utterly prematurely, the success of this New Deal. As far as I can tell, the girls are both asleep (and if they're not asleep, they are entirely quiet which accomplishes the same thing for my purposes). No crying, no chattering, nothing! If this works, I will be the happiest mom in town. All the dolls, doll clothes, doll strollers, doll houses, doll feeding implements, and doll slings can live in the "girl room", and all the choking hazards can live in the "boy room". There are so many levels on which this would be a Very Good Thing that I can't even explain them all, so you'll just have to trust me. And keep your fingers crossed!

3. I am about to go downstairs and move furniture for the rest of the night. This is FABULOUS because it means that a team of very hardworking gentlemen are coming to my house tomorrow morning to tear out my woebegone, threadbare, bedraggled carpet and no-longer-pristine tile and grout. They are taking it all away, hopefully to a large bonfire somewhere, and they are putting in gorgeous new wood laminate flooring. This is a lifelong dream of mine (well, a practical and economical approximation of that dream) and Rest assured you will all be kept up to date on the process.

4. New shoes. Thank heaven for new shoes! Aren't they insane? So comfortable too. It's ok to be jealous. I would be if I were you.

(They did not, however, come with a pedicure so we'll both just have to imagine that part).

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You win for the best post of the day.

Have you found Lamby?

love days like that. cute, cute shoes always make the world a better place.

i was really worried about my girls being able to sleep in the same room, but it works & i love it, too. when we move back to our own place of residence, i plan to carry on the tradish. i'm happy for you & your new bedroom accommodations.

You did it! In one day! Wow. Once we're healthy, I am so coming over for inspiration. Cute shoes. Between those and the red shoes, you win :)

Oh, good for you! Lovey love love the shoes. And how fun to have the room switcharoo all done. Hope you have great success with it.

What size are those shoes again???

Heidi, we have not found Lambey. It is very very sad. I'm starting to lose hope.

Granny - size 8, sorry! My feet got bigger with all the babies so they are way too big for your dainty piggies.

HOORAY! You got the shoes! They are so adorable on you! Can't think of many ladies who could rock those orange heels quite like you! Those belong on YOUR feet!

Congrats to Devlin and the ever-adaptable, any-place-I-hang-my-hat-is-home Evie. That is one thing I could certainly stand to learn from her.

How fun for the girlies! Those shoes so, totally rock! - and wow, wood flooring is going to be amazing :) Fun, fun, fun!!