Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, October 8, 2009 at 2:32 PM


Quiet. It is quiet.

While I was walking Devlin to the bus stop this morning, a big white work truck turned down our street. But it didn't stop in front of my house, it just turned the corner and kept going. The driver did not wave at me, because I didn't know him. He was not coming to make noise at my house, because our floors are DONE!

Later, I told Iris it was time for a nap. I carried her up the stairs, walked down the hallway, and sat down in her rocker. She nursed, with her eyes rolled back in her head and a smile on her lips, visibly delighted to be back in her very own room, in her little bed that she loves so much.

Home, sweet home.

I have so much work to do now, putting it all back together - it's absolutely frightening. But it feels good to get started!

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Enjoy thinking a thought in that quiet (and stunning) house of yours!

Hooray for the floors being done. The noise has just begun at our house, just in time for the baby. Luckily it will mostly be outside. :)

Can't wait to see pictures.