Six things that make me happy

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Here are the rules:

Link to the person who has tagged you.

Write down six things that make you happy.

Post the rules, tag six others and let them know you did it.

Then tell the person when your entry is complete.

Here's my six:

1) I have a new 24 episode on DVR waiting for me

2) my friend Mari is visiting from Japan and we're having so much fun!

3) reorganizing - again

4) my new colorful placemats

5) coming home from visiting teaching and finding my amazing husband wrestling with his kids

6) fat 5-month-old hedgie babies who suck their thumbs

I tag: Rick/Aileena, David, Claudia, Olya, Holly, and Emily

Hiking, with 2 out of 3

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We've taken, as a family, to doing a little hiking together most Saturday mornings A couple of weeks ago, we made it halfway up Squaw Peak, but due to the fact that hauling 3 semi-cooperative children is harder than it looks (and it looks pretty hard, judging from all the comments from our fellow hikers) we only made it halfway up before we bailed and headed for the car.

This week, we figured we fixed our mistakes from last time, and we were all set to go right to the top. However, Eve "respectfully" declined to accompany us, so she had a lovely morning caring for her litter of plastic babies at Nana and Papa's house instead. As for the rest of us...

At the first marker - 1/4 mile up. (We're all still feeling pretty good here). Note the lump in Devlin's shirt pocket - that would be Lou Who the monkey, who features prominently in several of the photos.

Iris asleep, as usual.

He wouldn't be smiling so big if he knew this was only halfway to the top!

The menfolk:

Last mile marker before the summit (Devlin handling the trek much more gracefully than I, with only occasional piggyback rides from Dad):

Proof we all made it to the top:

Who you callin' a wimp?

Don't make me sic Lou Who on ya!

Iris needs a rest and a drink too, exhausted from her arduous journey up the mountain. I tried to be discreet so as not to draw attention away from the flabby, saggy, hairy, shirtless grandpa just out of camera range to my right. Nice.

Hot husbands make beautiful babies.

Your moment of Zen

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"When walking, walk. When eating, eat".

I find myself devoting a lot of mental energy lately to planning my future - somewhere else. Somewhere with at least one more bedroom, a bigger yard (any yard, really!) and that ever elusive "character". However, I am here, in this house, for the time being, and unless something miraculous happens I am just going to have to get better at raising 3 noisy children in a small space.

So, in the spirit of clearing my mind and making peace with my life, I give you:

10 Things I Love About My House (a list)

location, location, location - yes, it's 30 miles from David's work. There's hardly an independent commercial entity within the city limits. But it's 5 minutes from the in-laws and right around the corner from my parents, and you can't beat that with a stick.

2) Memories
- so, so many. 2 of my babies were actually born here, in my bedroom, just for starters.

3) Neighbors
- my neighbor Tracy and her family are some of the kindest, nicest, most charitable people I have ever know. And they have 3 kids, same ages as mine! Perfect, no?

4) Bathrooms
- not too many, not too few. Everyone has what they need, but I can keep them all clean. When I have two teenage girls I might be wishing for another one, but for now we're good to go.

5) A whole room for my music
- a piano (sort of), a comfy couch, and a tower of sheet music. Heaven on Earth.

6) Ward family
- I live in a truly awesome ward, no doubt about it. People here regularly move house but stay in the boundaries so they don't have to leave. It's that good.

7) Clutter buster
- not quite enough space = ruthless efficiency and constant reorganization. I enjoy this. Keeps me on my toes.

8) The paint in my powder bath
- I don't know why I didn't paint every room in the house that color. It's just.right.

9) Taste the rainbow
- Oh wait, yes I do know why I didn't paint every room in the house that color. It's because variety is the spice of life, and don't I know it! Yellow, green, blue, brown, we've got them all. And someday the laundry room will be periwinkle - don't even try to talk me out of it.

10) Next to Godliness
- Halle-freakin-lujah, it's (pretty much) all clean at the same time! This is, of course, only valid for the next 12 hours or so, but that's good enough for me.

A New Lovey

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So, what with the binkies having up and vacated the premises, Eve has been obliged to focus her considerable attentions on a new comfort object. For her main squeeze, she is currently crushing on this rather swarthy, nameless stuffed gorilla - a relic from my husband's remote youth.

She insists that he is a bear, and who are we to argue? Don't sweat the small stuff, that's my motto with this kid - otherwise we'd be on World War XXVI with many more yet to come. (He may be a bear on Planet Eve, but he's got a significant brow ridge that very conveniently doubles as a carrying handle).

"Dat bear go sweep! He need anoder bwankie".

"See? He have binky, puz he a baby! I not have binky. Dat bear jus have binky".

"An he have owinj doos!"

"I wead him dat book about dat cwab guy".

All things being equal, I do wish she had settled on something smaller than she is - but if it gets binkies out of my life with greater speed and efficiency (and less drama!), then I'm not going to split hairs.

Heaven help us

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Because I just threw all the binkies in the garbage can.

I'll keep you posted.

Update - she has successfully napped sans binky, although she was NOT happy about it. She went to sleep within her usual time frame, though, and when she woke up she proclaimed herself to be a "big girl" and declared that she "not need dat binky any mo".

We visited them in the garbage can and said bye bye and she seemed fine with it all. However, bedtime is already looming in my mind.

I think it's gonna be totally fine within 48 hours, and then it will be one less thing for us to battle over (leaving a mere 5,718,439 battle-worthy issues in the pipeline).

In Touch With His Feminine Side

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Devlin: Do sheep lay eggs?

Me: Well, no. Sheep are mammals, so they have live babies, just like we do.

Devlin: Mammals?! What does that mean?

(Here I launch into some lengthy and probably only marginally accurate regurgitation of 9th grade biology, something to do with live babies and producing milk and...I don't know, that's all I remembered. Devlin wanders off, oblivious).

Devlin, from the other room: Hey, Mom! Come here! I want to show you something.

(I came).

Devlin: Lamby is a very special mammal. She lays eggs, and her babies just poke their noses out of the eggs and they c-r-a-c-k and then they pop out! This is her nest.

So, I guess even when little boys are tenderly building nests for their beanie babies to put their eggs in, they build them out of planes, trains, and automobiles. Doesn't look very comfortable to me, but then again I've never tried it. Maybe he knows something I don't!

Sit on, Lamby, sit on.

2 things

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1. Braids are adorable.

2. This girl is stubborn.

These are a few of my favorite things

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1. a freshly stocked fridge. And I won't bore you, but my pantry and my freezer look just as full and beautiful. It's just so satisfying! Shopping is definitely my favorite part of the "feeding everybody" process. I love taking my hard-earned money and choosing where and how to spend it. This is my big bi-weekly chance to "think globally, act locally".

(Yes, I do overthink everything like this.)

2. Any excuse for a party - Go Cardinals!

3. my weekly to-do list and menu planning. This is the best stage, trust me, because I've had all the smugness of planning it and none of the work of actually making it happen.

4. Sisters.

5. Brothers and sisters.

6. Funny fat babies with mohawks.

7. Dressing up.

8. Arizona in January - he only has a sweater because he's in the shade.

9. Remember the CPSIA regulations for children's products I told you about? They have granted a stay of one year for the oppressive testing parts of it for handmade toy and clothing makers. The really flagrant offenders (poisonous Hannah Montana necklaces, I'm looking at you) are still subject, because those are legitimate, immediate safety concerns. But this will give them time to get more feedback and make this a sensible law that actually effects positive change instead of a knee-jerk reaction that will kill a thriving, already conscientious industry. We did it!

10. Having my computer back! (Thanks David. You rock.)