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Well, I'm home.

Sad, second-class blogger that I am, I not only failed to announce that I was going anywhere, but I forgot my camera on my trip so I have basically nothing to show here for it.

Luckily, I am too sick to care!

So if you'd like to know where I went and what we were up to, check out this fine publication. It's all there. I will have more to share later, but I won't say too much now so as not to steal my husband's thunder. He said he was going to blog and I'm holding him to it.

To tide you over, I present to you some of the few worthwhile shots I managed to get on my iPhone, and my undying gratitude to everyone who has swooped in to rescue me today (there are so many! I am so loved!)

Three little jackets discarded from the treetop on a lovely warm day:

One red-nosed monkey on a not-so-warm day:

It is actually impossible to photograph a baby, no matter how adorable, with your own camera while she is tied to your person. Observe:

Happy, happy Eve:

Thank you, Colorado! We loved every minute.

Water, water everywhere

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And not a drop to drink!

Over the last 2 months, we have been obliged to replace or significantly repair every water-related appliance in our house. Softener, dishwasher, reverse osmosis system, water heater...everything but the washing machine.

So, naturally, yesterday the washing machine pooped out too.

In what is sure to be remembered as a fool's errand of epic proportions, we are attempting to repair it ourselves this weekend. In the meantime, we have removed it from the drip pan this evening and found, to our surprise and utter horrified fascination:

- two clothespins
- an empty bottle of teething tablets (from when Devlin was a baby and I still thought they might have some effect)
- forty-one cents
- a pair of Dev's baby socks, blue and white striped (why do the cute ones always fall down there?)
- a few assorted legos, including 2 wheels
- a yellow hair clip
- part of a Kashi granola bar wrapper
- an apple core
- what appears to be at least half a bottle of nicely fermented laundry detergent
- two dead bugs, one cockroach and one unspecified species, floating unceremoniously in said detergent pool

If you haven't recently moved your own washer and checked under it, then you do not have permission to mock our slovenly ways. Stay tuned for more from Dave and Rachel's House of Amateur Plumbing Escapades in a few days!

Three going on 13

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In whirlwind fashion - even for me - we held Eve's birthday party on Saturday. My profound thanks to my wonderful family, we all came on about one day's notice - in costume, no less! Eve loves to dress up, so I asked everyone to come wearing a hat in her honor. On that note, I present to you:

A Viking and a Mongolian baseball player:

A Scottish grandpa and a trucker:

Indiana Jones:

A Japanese cowgirl:

A sunflower, a beekeeper, and a gardener:

And two gorgeous girlies:

$2 worth of party favors kept the kids (mostly) happy:

Even if it was a little windy for Iris's taste:

(She really didn't mind too much):

Eve wasn't a big fan of the breeze ("dis cwof, it keeps bwowing in my face!")

But she did give her seal of approval to all the wonderful presents:

Including basically a whole new wardrobe, which she promptly wanted to wear:

All at the same time (I've just now gotten the swimsuit off her this afternoon, over 24 hours later. Yes, she slept in it. Pick your battles, I'm telling you):

She also got a couple of classic little girl toys, in the way of an "angel" Cabbage Patch baby and a My Little Pony (character merchandising isn't nearly so offensive when it's something I remember fondly from my own childhood, somehow):

In short, it was a riotous success. We missed those of you who could not be there very much, and love you all the same. Happy birthday Evie!