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So, what do you think? Pretty fancy, eh?

If it's too goth and teenager-y, I don't want to hear it. Besides, as an actual, certifiable Former Goth Teenager, I am fully entitled to use it. So there.

To christen my new setup, just a few quick dear little moments from my life the last week:

At the Santa Barbara Zoo, where Eve was magically transformed into a happy, obedient little angel for 2 solid hours:

At the zoo, she rediscovered an old favorite hiding spot. My beautiful Eve three years ago:

And last week:

Time, how she does fly!

No greater childhood pleasure than a tire swing:

And no greater pleasure for me than a kiss on a sweet baby head.

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Love it. Your kids are darling as ever. Loved the old and new picture of Eve.

Oh, so sweet. I can't believe those two pictures of Eve! So, so cute! I can't believe she's old enough to have been alive 3 years ago! Crazy, isn't it? I love all your children. I never get enough of them.

I like the new format. Are those curls I see on Iris's forehead? Dev's hair looks great, too!

Yep, curls. She's the curliest of all three kids!

rachel! are those fossil earrings that you're wearing?! they are so cute.

You know, I got them at Nordstrom Rack so they might be Fossil but I'm not sure. They go with everything, though!