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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 6:48 PM


(If you like, you can sing "Fat Bottomed Girls" in your head while you read this post. Substitute lyrics as desired for new, funnier ones about hedgehogs and sausage. Trust me. She likes it.)

I had plans for this post. Iris looked so sweet today, and I wanted to get a picture and do it up nice. But then she tripped on the curb outside Paradise Bakery, and now she looks about like Mickey Rourke at the end of The Wrestler.

So I'll use these cell phone shots from a few days ago. They're blurry, because my toddler is much, much faster moving than my phone camera. Devlin's being this age is what first prompted us to buy a "real" camera! The kids are just little vapor trails, otherwise.

(Do you think she looks a little bit like the Pope in that hat? I think she does. I like it. I'm sure she's cuter than the real Pope, too.)

Three separate people told me in church last Sunday that Iris has "twinkling eyes". They are entirely right, of course. She has the most amazing, delightful, vivacious spirit about her. She has a smile, a hug, and a headbutt for everyone she sees. She is laughter on two feet.

She loves zerberts.

She loves to climb things.

She eats like she is stuffing logs in a wood chipper. And there is a million kajillion dollar prize for the fastest stuffer.

She still sucks her thumb. I kind of hope she never stops.

She takes a drink from her sippy, then offers a swig to her dolly.

She thinks her brother is the funniest person alive. Funnier than zerberts, even.

We thought we were done after two children. Iris (almost) makes me want to have 10 more.

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Way to find joy in the day, girlfriend!

"Stuffing logs in a wood chipper"--Ha! SO true! That's hilarious.

She DOES have twinkling eyes. That's a perfect way of putting it. She has been such a happy, pleasant, and loving baby since birth. You've captured her so well in this post.

And I LOVE that she offers drinks to her dollies. (I'm thirsty, she must be, too!) The thought behind that is so precious.

Laughter on two fave. I do love that little girl. She is so pleasant and sweet.