Martha, Martha, Martha

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, January 15, 2010 at 6:17 PM


It's so easy to want to hate Martha Stewart. But you know what? I like her style. I really do.

I somehow ended up with a free subscription to her charming little periodical, and in the January issue there is a little list of 9 things to do before the month is out. I totally dig it, and feel like maybe I can actually accomplish these things (probably because I had already done a third of them just by coincidence).

In case anyone else didn't get around to making any official resolutions and wants a gentle kick in the pants:

1. Dress your bed with pretty new sheets.

Well, Martha, it just so happens that I already did this! An all-white bedroom has been a revelation for me. I absolutely love it - so soothing and crisp and modern. Bit by bit, ugly alarm clock by dingy sheets, I've been pecking away at it for the last few months. Here's where we stand as of today. Don't you just want to crawl in? (I sure do, but I'll try to finish this post first.)

2. Make a big pot of soup.

OK, so I'm not doing so well on this one. In fact, I think I have officially "cooked" maybe one meal since Christmas. We've been eating lots and lots of sandwiches, cold cereal, takeout, and when we eat an actual meal we've been alternating between hamburgers and grilled sausages.

Cooked by David.

Eaten outside so I don't have to sweep under the table afterward.

(Yep, I lay it out on the line for you guys.)

So, I do certainly know how to make a number of yummy soups, and since payday was today I hereby promise to make a meal plan and put some darn soup on it.

3. Recycle old electronics (

Well, we usually recycle them by squeaking every last dime out of them that we can via craigslist, but close enough. If I can't get more than $10 out of a given item, I will have on standby.

4. Try a new winter vegetable.

See, I'm the weird one who already loves kale, chard, squash, etc, but there's got to be something out there that I'm not a fan of yet. Any suggestions?

5. Visit a historic home.

As a matter of fact, just last night I made tentative plans to experience this little number here, which I have always wanted to do. Whether we actually make it will depend on a) whether it actually lasts for 6 full hours, and b) whether we can arrange childcare. Because not even Martha Stewart thinks it's a good idea to take three small children with you on this one.

6. Tackle one closet.

Oh, boy. Little does she know. We have a couple of gaping holes in my order-loving life, and they are the Upstairs Hallway Closet and the Master Closet. If any of you have any items, people, or livestock that have gone missing in the last 6 months, chances are it's in one of those two places. Absolutely frightening. They've been on my poop list, but now I guess it's official.

David and Eric, consider your new deadline February 1.

7. Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products.

I have been making my own cleansers for years, courtesy of this smart lady, but how about replacing the spray bottles that have gummed up (these are the best, in case anyone wants to know - should have started with those in the first place)? I'm lazy and cheap, and making your own stuff is seriously the way to go. Trust me.

8. Peruse seed catalogs, and plan Spring plantings.


Whew, sorry. Just let me regain my composure here.

Spring plantings. Hilarious! How's this, Martha? We'll compromise. I will peruse seed catalogs - at my mother-in-law's house - and I will take my kids to visit her Spring plantings when they come up, which they surely will. I will save myself the trouble this year. If I want to see what my plants inevitably look like, I can visit the surface of Mars.


9. Spend more time with family and friends.

This is a little hard to quantify, but I will give it a shot. Friends and family are what make life worth the living, so I think I will start by going right this minute to watch a movie with my handsome husband.

Think you can do better than Martha? What new roads are you going to travel this month? Maybe I can make room for a couple more things on my list.

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i love martha too.

your bed looks so pretty.

I'm pleased you have so much faith in my spring planting!

I love granny. I love all her comments. You have such dolls for in-laws.

Um, I really love the last one in that it gives me hope for increased justification for more frequent visits with you! I had so much fun in December! Ready for the next romp!


I love Martha too. :)

Have you found a love for turnips? That would be my recommendation!

(Mrs.Hippie, and I'm loving your blog!)