Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 9:57 AM


Today was the day.

The day she's been waiting for, asking about every hour on the hour for 2 months.

The first day of ballet class.

It made my heart sing to watch her run, kick, and twirl. I'm so excited for the years of joy, the feeling of freedom and flying and beauty that this art brought to me, and may bring to her.

Brava, Evie.

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I'm in love with that picture....and with the thought of a little ballerina in my own family one day!

It is super fun. I cannot tell a lie.

Adorable picture, and adorable girl. I'm glad you got her all set up. How fun!

Good for Eve - I'm glad she enjoyed herself. You forgot to mention the part where she got us up at 5:00a this morning because she was so excited. :)

Great layout and I love the picture!

What a sweet post and what a great pic.

This is so precious! I'm really razzed about her enthusiasm for this. And you have it all documented here for her to look back on when she's a prima ballerina! It's just too cute. Too, too cute.