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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, February 9, 2010 at 7:41 PM


The man of the house is in beautiful San Francisco this week.

I have set a few goals for myself while he is gone:

- do not hurt or kill any of the children

- do not allow them to kill each other

- eat something every day

- um, maybe that's it


No, seriously, I actually had a really good day today. We made valentines for Devlin's school class, satisfying both my need for them to not have cartoon characters on them and his need to have candy attached.

(Does anyone else remember the valentine exchanges of their youth? The kids who handed out candy with their cards were soooooooooooo much cooler. I am willing to swallow my distaste at the thought of hundreds of sugar bombs, all individually wrapped, littering the planet and my child's teeth, so that he can be Popular for one day. Of course, kids now are probably handing out Nintendo DSs with their valentines, so my kid will be at the back of the line again.)

Conversation hearts are so 20th century.

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Woops...don't know how I deleted that comment.

What I said was this:

I dreaded handing out Valentines in school for some reason. Maybe that's why Bryce and I don't really celebrate it.

And your cards are totally cute! I'd rather Piper get one of those than Dora or (eeek) Spongebob.

I will be happy to leave a comment so there isn't a 0 lurking. :)

I was just musing today, as I stapled pre-packaged Hubba Bubba gum to perforated cards, that I planned to be a much cooler mother and always make my children's Valentines.

But it turns out I'm not that mother. Oh, well! Glad you are!

I have NO amount of certainty that I will be able to continue this homemade tradition when I have multiple children to make them for! In a few years I will have 90-ish valentines to make, and...that's a lot.

Oh, Rachel, you make me laugh. Thanks.

I admire your homemade valentines. And your willingness to provide sugar bombs so your baby will be happy.

Smiles to you.

P.S. I didn't know the man was gone!

I love you Rachel. By the way, your birthday is Valentine's, so I consider you an expert on the subject. I still tell people all the time about how your hair is red, and your initials (even married) spell red . . . and people always get a kick out of it.

You rock! And so do these Valentines. Love you!