Simple Gifts

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 at 6:39 PM


Eve: I fink I putted too much of de salt in dere.

(Pictured at right is the meal in question, being a heaping pile of Zatarains' cajun seasoning with a side garnish of Mexican Macaroni and Cheese).

Other reasons today ended up being a winner:

- running errands with my mom
- choosing birthday invitation goodies for Eve's celebration next month
- watching Iris eat a pickle (and everything else in sight) at lunch
- a gift straight from heaven above, in the form of a second loooong nap for said Iris baby
- nap for me too! I definitely need to make this a habit. I am *much* nicer with even a tiny nap.
- laundry DONE
- dishes DONE (yes, all of them, for the first time in a week I'm sure)
- mopping DONE
- tea towels ironed, including my two new birthday acquisitions
- dinner made (real dinner, with vegetables, not pancakes or PBJ)

The last item, of course, entirely negates having the mopping and the dishes completed, but on balance it was definitely worth it. Now I can watch LOST completely guilt-free!

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I'm so glad your birthday turned around! I'd love to see those fancy tea towels....

Um, I mean to say "day," not "birthday."

You accomplished a lot today! You made up for me!

Yea for naps. They really are grossly underrated. Glad you've gotten a couple lately. I love the Evie quote. So cute. And yea for all your chores done!