Inner-national Anthem

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, March 8, 2010 at 7:33 PM


OK, so not everyone gets the ee cummings love. It's cool. If my representative, personal theme was accessible and popular, then it wouldn't make a very good representation of me, would it?

But I have to tell you guys something. Today, I was rehearsing some opera choruses for Cantilena's concert next month, and I found it. (Again.)

I found the work that speaks to me, right now, right where I am. My personal anthem. My theme song.

This piece has a long history with me, and probably many of you have heard it, or heard me talk about it. But I'm going to give you the private, guided tour. So please, no flash photography, and silence your cell phones.

David and I met singing, of course. At Mesa High, in the illustrious A Capella choir. He was a tall, skinny, underachieving nerd, and I was a tortured, romantic rebel/poet/damsel/etc. It was a perfect match. As we approached the Pinnacle Of Our Lives, aka the last choir concert of David's senior year, I heard my anthem for the first time. I was instantly smitten. We sang our hearts out, with our choir and our wonderful teacher, on the Mesa High stage, and this song became part of my memory, part of my soul. I knew I could never forget it.

3 years later, David and I were married. Planning our wedding reception, we struggled with the decision of what our first dance would be. David is grotesquely uncomfortable dancing, and no song that really resonated with us made a good, conventional dancing tune. So we decided to sing together instead. There was only one obvious choice for the song. On our first day as man and wife, in front of our family and friends, my anthem once again was there. Our dear friend accompanied us, and again I was transported by the beauty of the music, and the simple truth of the words.

We are still married, now almost 9 years in, with three beautifully exhausting children. We still fight tooth and nail to carve out time to make music together, even though it's hard, and we need a lot of help to make it happen, it is so uplifting to me, and to us. The wonderful group we currently sing with is just beginning preparations for a new concert, and once more my wonderful, beautiful theme song has made the list. I will get the chance to make new memories, to sing it with new friends, and it is even more relevant and perfect to me now than it was when I first heard it more than a decade ago.

If I have to stand at the Pearly Gates and explain myself to The Powers That Be, it will probably go something like this. I'll just have to hope that it's good enough.

You've been a fool, and so have I -
But come and be my wife.
And let us try, before we die,
to make some sense of life.

We're neither pure, nor wise, nor good
We'll do the best we know.
We'll build our house, and chop our wood,
and make our garden grow.

I thought the world was sugar cake,
for so our master said.
But now I'll teach my hands to bake
our loaf of daily bread.

Let dreamers dream what worlds they please -
those Edens can't be found.
The sweetest flowers, the fairest trees
are grown in solid ground.

We're neither pure, nor wise, nor good
We'll do the best we know.
We'll build our house, and chop our wood,
and make our garden grow.

One curly birthday

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Well, Eve is four years old today.

I can already tell, beginning this post, that I am too tired to think of anything intelligent to say. It has been a busy week, and a long month for this little mama.

So, I'll provide my usual "in lieu of": cute pictures! And, because I am feeling extra stupid, you get two cute curly girls. I wanted to take photos of Eve in her "princess dress" that she bought with her birthday money from her great-grandparents, and Iris waddled over and got in the shot. So you get two moments of what appears to be sisterly affection.

(I won't spoil it for you by saying that these are two frames out of 50 where one of them isn't screeching at the other. Not me. I'll just let you think my life is perfect).

Even though she is largely the reason that I skid exhausted into the end of each day, at a loss for words and utterly spent, I am so grateful for this little birthday girl of mine. She is smart, sassy, and very, very strong. I just hope I can do her justice and help her learn to make the most of her many strengths. She is going to rock this world someday.

She has certainly already rocked mine.

Nut, tree, etc.

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Motherhood is a choice that sometimes feels like it requires a great deal of "paying in" before you see the "payoff". Lots of investment upfront - big time back end benefits.

We hope.

I got a little taste yesterday. Coming home from ward choir practice to find my son in a fort built from wraps, blankets, and the kitchen table, happily holed up with a globe and a pile of books for company, made me as proud as any Nobel Prize or National Merit Scholarship.

That's *definitely* my boy. (and it made the $35 library fine earlier this week sting just a little less).