Fishing, hiking, and losing one's mind

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This fine Memorial Day weekend, my family spent some lovely time in the cool mountains of Greer, Arizona, with my parents. We cooked, we ate, we played games, we sat by the Little Colorado river, we threw a frisbee, and Devlin caught his first fish at Big Lake.

He was excited at first, but his eyes welled up when he saw the hook through its lip up close, and he breathed much easier once the little trout was safely back in the water. My little softie:

Father-son bonding at its finest:

Iris was very happy to sit in the mud and fish with a long stick, although she didn't catch anything:

Eve has confided to me several times a day since returning home that she "sure does miss that big white river". Incidentally, I do too.

A short hike, suitable for arthritic Nanas and weary preschoolers, gave us a "family of tiny pinecones". (We also saw a snake, but baby pinecones are more Devlin's speed):

Iris, mere minutes before taking a running faceplant into the gravel. A week later and her nose still looks like Michael Jackson's:

A family photo, for Granhopper - featuring Devlin looking paralyzed, as he often does in photos. It goes without saying that there were no shots of everyone looking good at the same time. Some of us didn't manage to look good in any of them:

David and I watched a movie one night, called Away From Her, about a woman who develops Alzheimer's Disease. She is placed in an assisted living facility at her request, and her husband has to deal with her deterioration and erratic, confusing behavior. It occurred to me (although maybe it shouldn't have) that small children have a lot in common with Alzheimer's sufferers, as least as portrayed in the movie.

Volatile moods? Check.

Unreasonable demands? Check.

Wandering off, often inappropriately dressed? Check.

Can't remember what I said to them 5 seconds ago? Asking the same question 30 times an hour? Requesting something and then throwing a fit when you get it? Check, check, check.

The good news is, my little patients are continually improving. And I have a lot to learn from the gracious demeanor of the husband in the film. A long-term viewpoint, a healthy level of detachment and objectivity, and an unshakable foundation of love are a good formula for success in either situation.

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Hey, I finally found your comment place. I've been meaning to comment for awhile.

So you had to go and post about Big Lake and Greer. My husband is currently up there with scouts. I'm at home with the 4 Alzheimerish patients (aka - kids. Hopefully I too can channel some of that good loving patience). He called me today to say that we need to go camping there as a family - like I didn't know that:)

I like your witty humor. Thanks for liking and stalking us. It's great.

Yeah, it's the pesky little blob up top there. You're not the only one who's had trouble finding it.

I'm obviously not cool yet, because the fact that you commented on my blog makes me feel all special and warm and fuzzy inside. Yeehaw!

I LOVE THIS POST! I Love so many things in it, where oh where do I start?

I knew Devlin would react that way when he caught a fish! I saw that coming from a mile away, reading the words, "at first he was excited..." Sweet boy.

Iris is my hero. She has spirit and bravery that I am still seeking to develop in my later 20s. Hat's off, Iris!

Evie's hair is getting so long! She's a boat-loving girl like me. I LOVE being on the water.

I love how adorably unique each of your kids are. It just mystifies me. They are so distinct and special. I simply could not love them more.

I love your family photo!

It looks like your family had a lot of fun! I love family trips!

Great post! I'm glad you had a great time, and were able to escape the heat. :)

cute, cute pictures. that last one, omg.

the ones of evie reminds me: everytime i do chloe's hair in high side ponies she is delighted and says, "i look like eve!"

Darling family photo.

Angie, that is hilarious! Those girls crack me up.

Thanks for taking a picture for me. :)