Three cheers for me (and you, if you want)

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Yes, I recycled a picture from a previous entry. Picky, picky, picky. I like looking at it and it's my blog, so there!

Today, instead of berating myself for my shortcomings as a mother, I have decided to blog 3 things that I do well - and I want *everyone* who reads this to do the same. If you're not a parent, then post three things in which you personally excel. I feel like being happy tonight!

1) I am teaching them to love to read.

And I'm not faking it, either. I saw a book the other day called How to Raise a Reader or something like that, and I thought to myself "well, there's one thing I don't have to worry about!" Because I adore books, and if my children don't grow up to love them too then I can die in peace knowing there was absolutely nothing more I could have done to encourage the practice. They will be smarter, they will be better people, their lives will be easier in every way because of all the wonderful things they will learn from those pages. I have a stack of books from my childhood that I can't wait for them to be old enough to crack into - that is, the ones that I didn't read until they fell apart long ago!

2) I don't compare them to each other.

Well, not to say I *never* do it, but I don't use it as a weapon. I delight in their varied and singular personalities, and I love learning about them individually - what makes them tick, who they are growing up to be. But it's all fine with me, however they are. I am reading a book (which, incidentally, I highly recommend) called Siblings Without Rivalry, and there is a whole chapter on this practice and how harmful it is. I was so relieved to read of a parenting mistake that I do not appear to be making in spades! Hooray!

3) I am teaching them healthy eating habits.

Oh, sure, we have "the usual" at McDonald's. And Taco Bell. And In-N-Out. But by and large, I am happy with our eating habits. A snack is a fruit or a vegetable, our eggs come from chickens that we know by name, and they don't run away screaming at the sight of spinach, cauliflower, or Thai/Indian/Vietnamese food. I consider this another gift to them, their future selves, and their future spouses. It's a gift my parents gave to me, and I am more than happy to pay it forward.

OK, your turn. When I wake up, I'm hoping for at least 5 comments to brighten my morning. Don't be shy now.

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Oh darn, I'm the first. I was hoping someone else would've commented first so I could see how to properly follow suit. Am I supposed to post my three things here or state my feelings here about your three things?

I'll do both.

1. I am good at making others feel good about themselves. Giving compliments comes easy to me, as it is easy for me to see the good in others. And like my mom says, "If you can think of something nice to say to someone, you should."

2. I am good at baking bread. I think, for me, it's the spirit in which I'm making it that makes it a success. I find when I think of the person I'm giving a loaf to, it turns out all the sweeter.

3. I am good at being an aunt. I love those little guys with my whole heart, with no effort at all. I slurp up every drop of their goodness with voraciousness.

And Rachel, these were PERFECT selections for you and I agree whole-heartedly with regard to all of them! These are all three things I have bragged to other people about for how excellent you are with them! Glad you would take the time to celebrate the night and your wonderful, fabulous self!

Whew. I was feeling stupid because no one had commented yet. You did fine, Em. :)

I hope this is taken in the spirit it was intended - to celebrate the things all of us do well, which are all different! And to help us remember that there are things we do well, and it's ok to focus on those once in awhile.

1. I am teaching my kids to love God and find joy in obedience to gospel principles and practices.

2. I am teaching them to serve.

3. I am teaching them to work. They may not love it yet, but their future spouses and missionary companions will!

Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

just made my list! you're right: it's super important to remember our strengths rather than our weaknesses.

Can't wait to make my list...despite the fact my kid is throwing a tantrum about eating and I have given him the option of time-out or food. I will have to do my list over the sounds of his crying. Go me.

I am teaching them kindness, to themselves and others.

I am teaching them to eat well too.

I am teaching them to laugh and have fun.

I'm loving reading about all the things we're good at! Moms come in all different temperments, and we definitely can learn from each other.

Just for you, I'll try. (and if you're not Rachel, I swear I'm not copying the first. We had this discussion a couple days ago!)

1. Healthy eating. I will venture to brag that I did this right from day one: breastfeeding! And the olders know that breastfeeding is how to feed babies, as they watched their siblings being fed this way as well...and as they grow, vegetables and fruits are snacks and meals, we hardly do fast food ever, we avoid hydrogenated oils and dyes, and encourage healthy choices - not parent-driven demands. Usually. ;)

2. I am teaching them to respect the earth, through recycling, non-commercialism, non-waste...sure, we could be even better, but for city kids I think they get the point pretty well. Also, we try to get out camping and learning about responsibility with we are contributing to the future four tree-huggers and eco-savvy citizens, who maybe will make a difference...

3. Finally, I don't know HOW I'm doing it...but overall, I'm raising interesting, curious, kind and polite kids who, while perhaps not exhibiting the behaviors I want AT HOME, are wonderful for everybody else - at playdates, school, etc. So whatever that is we're doing, it's working LOL

That's all I've got this morning.

Yea! I'm enjoying reading this, too! Truth is, there is more good in all of us than not, and it is part of a very important commandment that we love ourselves. It's not about boasting, but rather acknowledging the good God has put in each of us. He deserves to have us to take notice once in a while!