Tuckered out

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 6:59 PM


So, potty training isn't quite happening yet. No biggie. While Iris inches closer to awareness of her bodily functions, I can try to source some undies that don't leave deep red marks around her ample thighs. She did manage to pee on the potty today - the lid was closed, but that was hardly her fault! What she needs is a less busy mom to help guide her through it. Too bad that's not an option.

We did have another milestone today though: Iris is, at this very moment, slumbering peacefully in her very own twin bed. She took to it like a champ, the way she takes to most new things (it helped that she had two hours in the pool, a very short nap, and has a big sister roommate who is an excellent role model). For anyone who doesn't follow me around Facebook like a lovestruck puppy, I bought her new bed off craigslist for a song and refinished it myself. Always wanted to do that.

So, sweet dreams, little sausage. Try not to get into too much trouble in the morning; your mom is tired from staying up all night painting your furniture!

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aw, little hedge.

the picture of her in mini panties was basically the cutest thing i've ever seen, btw. *and i like the word ample.

post pictures of the finished bed/room at your earliest convenience! :)

Far too cute. Sweet dreams, little girl...

She looks awfully grown up in that big bed. Sniff. What a cute girl she is.

So darling. I love the picture. Now I gotta go hop onto Facebook to check it out there.

LOVE YOU! And congrats!

I adore pictures of sleeping children! I'm glad Night One was a success!

P.S. Gavin desperately needs a potty trainer, as well. I wonder if I can contract out this most unsavory of jobs.

Since I'm no longer on FB I appreciate the tidbits. :) I can't wait for the full reveal. Glad night 1 was a success. Hoping for more in the future. She's a doll.