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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, July 23, 2010 at 11:57 PM


My kids said lots of funny things today. I was able to reflect on this happily - AFTER they were all sound asleep in bed - and thought I'd share some of them with you, since our desktop is still on the fritz and I don't have pictures.

1. Devlin, the orderly perfectionist, upon seeing the giant dark-blue dried paint configuration on his white carpet for the first time:

(eyes widen ominously)

"You know Mom, I actually like it." (gets out space book, one of many) "See? It looks like the big round sun with the plasma coming off the edges. Thanks!"

It actually does look rather like the sun with plasma coming off the edges. Only blue. And huge. And on the floor. In paint. But I'm delighted he sees it that way. I, personally, am considering using it as a Rorschach test of sorts to intimidate first-time visitors to our home. "Just a brief psychiatric evaluation before we sit down to dinner, you know, to see if we want to be friends with you..."

2. Devlin again, telling me for some reason about the formation of the moon:

"Many billions of years ago, a Mars-sized object hit the Earth, sending matter and gasses...and other science things...breaking off into space. Those became the moon".

Other science things?! Where does he get this stuff?

3. Eve, commiserating with me on the amount of time devoted to home improvement projects recently:

"Stupid house!"

Devlin: "Eve! Our house is not stupid. Remember the pool?"

So, at least there is that one redeeming feature. Perhaps I should let them live out there, then I wouldn't have to worry about cleaning the bathrooms.

4. When I went in to clean my bathroom, mentioned previously, I found Barbie laying on a washcloth bed on the floor with Ken, dressed as Pocahontas, covered with Eve's fanciest dress as a blanket. Hey, who am I to judge? Ken definitely does rock the one-shoulder look.

Sometimes I think I would love to get a streaming commentary from inside her imagination while she plays. Then I remember - oh wait, I already do get that. It comes out of her mouth without ceasing, from morning until night, but it's at a pitch that only the neighbor's dog can understand so I guess I'll just have to wonder after all.

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Rachel! I love you hahaha.. this post is awesome.

Your kids are witty and wonderful, just like you. Love it!

SOOO hilarious! I love a day in your life. I love it when I'm there. Everyday is filled with such gems of hilarity and insight. I love your kids!!!

I love kids...don't they say the most intelligent things? Sometimes I wish I could capture some of that in a bottle and drink it.