Beach Blanket Whac-A-Mole

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, August 6, 2010 at 12:00 AM


I'm in California. I have a camera, and once in awhile I have time to use it.

Today, we went to the beach. Me, my sister Emily (who very conveniently for me has no children of her own yet and so has boundless energy and patience and two free hands for all of mine) and all three of my water babies. It wasn't as scary as it sounds, because a) Devlin can swim proficiently now and b) Eve is won't go near the ocean. In this photo she is wearing goggles to protect her eyes from the scary saltwater, and she's 30 feet away from the shore. She never took them off.

Our more delicate bathing beauties observe their painted toenails in great detail, from a Very Safe Distance:

So that just leaves Baby Iris in the Dixon Family "Who Will Drown First?" competition. She only got an honorable mention, though, because we managed to pluck her from the undertow each and every time.

This was my first positive beach experience with children. I'm definitely not yet to the point where I can bring a book and work on my tan (lack of attention to my tan, particular in the upper thigh region, duly noted in this photograph). But I can imagine a time - in the future that I am told will be here before I can say Jack Robinson - when that might be the case.

Today was an unqualified success because:

I didn't have to go in the freezing Pacific any deeper than my ankles

I love being almost naked in the great outdoors

Sea air just smells so insanely delicious

My children all had a wonderful time and have declared they want to return the day after we get home

The lovely winding canyon road to Malibu reminded me of my husband

No sand made its way into any of my personal orifices

What will tomorrow bring, on our last day here in the beautiful balmy City of Angels?

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Awww...I do love the blissful chaos that comes with a house-(ahem) apartment-full of little ones. I am so glad you guys could all come and hang. Didn't we have fun today? I LOVE YOU!!!!

Hey look, I'm finally commenting on your blog! I just love the way you write, and reading your blog makes me wish we lived close and I could pretend we were dear friends. Anywho, glad you and Emily had fun, and good for you for volunteering and getting free Disneyland tickets!

What is this? Where is the cost-you-a-car-payment swimsuit?

The beach looks delightful. Remind me again why any of us live in Arizona?

Mike, that swimsuit came with me! I chose the red for tan line purposes.:) And we don't live in CA because it is scary expensive. But the weather is, no question, superior. I am in heaven!