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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, August 27, 2010 at 10:45 PM


Remember my tea towels? Well, they appear to be breeding in my kitchen. (I really need to keep a closer eye on things in there.)

It made me sad to keep them in a drawer, so they are now proudly displayed in place of honor in my kitchen. Form and function, my friends. This is what it looks like.

So you can all have something funny to tell your therapists on Monday, and make yourselves feel less neurotic, I will leave you this evening with my thought process as I placed my new arrivals with their more seasoned counterparts:

1. New towels acquired at Sur La Table. Appear to be similar quality to my Most Favored Tea Towels, and can be gotten with considerably less hassle and expense. Haven't washed them yet, so can't say for sure, but I have developed quite a discerning eye for this kind of thing if I do say so myself. I am optimistic.

2. Hosting a dinner party at my house tomorrow, want new towels on display. No time to launder them - too much else to do!

3. Iron towels while watching trashy television. This decreases Trash Quotient of said television by at least 30%.

4. Realize that, although two towels are dirty, I now have more towels than hooks to hang them on. Some people might think this was a problem. I myself do not.

5. Place new towels upon the rack, considering the following factors:
a) New Towels, having not yet been washed, are not very absorbent and thus for decorative purposes only at this time
b) hence, if a New Towel is placed on a hook with an Old Towel, it must be hung behind the Old Towel so that it is not mistakenly grabbed first. This will cause the man of the house to scoff and grumble in a most unpleasant manner.
c) hooks with two towels must be alternated with hooks with one towel so everything doesn't look all lopsided. Drape is important.
d) colors generally balanced and pleasing to the eye, ie all red towels not grouped together on one side in a clump

That about covers it. Although, I might go in now that I've looked at this photo and switch them around again so the two yellow ones are not on the same hook. How could i have missed that before?!

(If you come to my party tomorrow and compliment my towel rack, you get a prize).

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haha. i don't have tea towels, but i can so relate to your thinking. haha.

i can't come tonight, but i want to order! tell me how. :)

What about a prize for *already* complimenting you on your towel rack, then complementing you again tonight?? ;)

You always get a prize Kim!

Angie, I'll email you. Anyone who reads this and want to be as cool as Angie and order something can comment or email me and I will tell you how. <3

I love our neurotic family. Way to go tea towels! Looks beautiful! Good luck with the dinner party!