It's a jungle in there

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 9:04 PM


If you were a fly on the wall inside my brain (which you should be very glad you are not, by the way - it's like Grand Central Station in there, only the power is out and the zombies are coming), you might hear at least 4, and possibly all 8, of the following pieces of information:

1. If you can name the movie reference in that last line, I will bring you a loaf of fresh bread. Unless you are not local. Then you will just have my admiration from afar.

2. I think if I leave that clean load of whites in the basket for just one more day, it might fold itself. It's definitely worth a shot.

3. Had to dip into the old food storage stash tonight. Who knew I would actually use up 50 pounds of flour?! Does this mean I am officially domesticated?

4. I am watching a documentary about Orthodox Jewish matchmaking and marriage practices, and I tell you what: these guys don't look Mormon, but they sure sound Mormon! These aspects of our cultures have an astonishing amount in common. It's fascinating.

5. I love my in-laws. I really do. My husband's younger brother came home from his mission tonight, and we met him at the airport. He is such an awesome guy, just really an exemplary person. And I love every one of my husband's siblings, and his parents, just as much. I am a lucky, lucky wifey.

6. I voted in the stupid (closed primary - whatever) election today. But I don't even think I care what happens. I spent some time with politics a couple of years ago, and came to the crystalline realization that I like intelligent, elegant, respectful discussion. I like finding common ground. I like ethics, philosophy, humanity. I like smart people, with leadership skills, novel ideas, good judgment, and honest, courageous souls. Ergo, I hate politics.

7. I am waiting for something really, really fun in the mail. I love fun things in the mail. I'll show you when I get it.

8. I'm having too much fun watching the Daily Show to do this anymore. Peace out, everybody.

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Since I live for homemade bread, I will venture a (bad) guess: I think I Am Legend had some zombies in Grand Central Station? I dunno, were those things zombies?

Aw, I would bring you bread any time, just because I like you. But no, that was not my reference. I was referring to the very last line of that paragraph; the zombies were just pulled from my non-specific mental recall vault. Meant to indicate chaos and impending doom, like the inside of my brain.

Any other takers? David knows it, of course, but he gets bread anyway, and I told him not to post and spoil the fun.

Well, I don't know what movie it's from either. But I think I Am Legend was a great guess! Your description painted a picture in my brain. I love that. Even if it was a *slightly* disturbing one.