And now the baby

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, September 23, 2010 at 7:19 PM


My Iris is two years old today.

I'm not pregnant. It's the first time I have reached this milestone without knowing another little mischief maker was on the way.

(And it feels fantastic!)

We almost decided two was enough. A boy and a girl, both so wonderful and so much work. We almost didn't have her. But she planted herself in my mind, bombastic and impossible to ignore from the very beginning, even before she was real. I knew there was another child. I knew she was a girl.

I knew her name.

I didn't know that she would have an incredible halo of sweet brown ringlets, or a smile to break her face open. I didn't know she would grow in one fang tooth months before any others, and that I would find it utterly endearing even though I have silently mocked it on other babies. I didn't know she would have feet like over-risen balls of pizza dough, or be the bully of the church nursery, or suck her thumb.

She has just recently become able to sit next to me long enough to read a story, and we are taking full advantage of her newly improved attention span, even though I can hardly hear myself talk over her exciting, babbling, very loud commentary.

She loves to wrap her babies in blankets, then drop them on the floor, then wrap them up again.

She tells the same knock-knock joke a hundred times a day - only the first half, because that's all she knows. And she won't be ignored, either - if you don't say "who's there?" in the right place, she will sit on you and yell "KNOCK KNOCK" right in your distracted face until you do.

If she gets a mouthful of something she doesn't like (it does occasionally happen), she spits it onto her plate and yells "GROSS!"

The rest of the time, she eats twice as much and twice as fast as the other kids, and sometimes me too. I think she might be using her feet as storage silos.

She is sneaky, stubborn, assertive, affectionate, and everyone adores her. We can't help it. We are powerless before her charms.

I think we're going to quit while we're ahead.

Happy, happy birthday, my last wonderful baby.

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oh, she is so precious.

i've loved both birthday posts. so tender. you are a beautiful mother.
they are lucky to have you.

happy birthday meatball!!!!

Beautifully said, Rachel. All the things we love about Iris in a nutshell. What a delightful child!

I love this pictures. She is stunning. So grown up and fabulous. I love her spirit, her flair for adventure. I love how Devlin says, "Iris is the bravest of us all." And I agree with Angie, she is so very lucky to have you.

We love you, darling Iris. Happy, happy birthday!!

"...over-risen balls of pizza dough"--genius!! Deserved another comment and some applause (which I offer forthwith, here in my front room) for that line. You're brilliant sometimes, you know that?

Also, I recognize there is only one picture in this post, re: previous comment.

Beautifully written Rach. You've got one lucky family to have you!!

hi, just a random friend of a friend blog hopper. I tend to scan words & look at pictures...but I must say...this post about your darling was so beautiful! just had to step out of the shadows & tell you how much i enjoyed the read! thanks for sharing!

Awww, that is beautiful Rachel and I can totally relate. My 3rd keeps me totally on my toes:-)