I have a 7-year-old

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I know. I know.

How? How is this possible? If I am the parent to a child who is nearly a decade old, then what does that make me? Am I entirely an adult, now?

I have an entire post floating around the overstock.com that is my brain devoted to these very questions, but you don't get to read it now. Right now, you get a photo dump and another chance to behold my crafty impulses gone wild.

Try to contain your excitement.

Devlin's much-anticipated Real Birthday Party, With Friends From School was Saturday morning. As kids started to arrive, we played Simon Says to keep them entertained before we got in the pool:

(Note Iris standing with everyone else, pretending to know how to play Simon Says.)

My mom, the schoolteacher, took a turn leading the game, and that went much more smoothly:

Persons not keen on Simon Says enjoying each others' company in the music room:

No one drowned. I'm going to go ahead and put this one in the win column, thank you:

In a stroke of genius, I invited everyone to eat outside, allowing the birdies and ants to dispose of the crumbs for me. Please observe birthday banner in upper right of photo. I made that. (I *may* have mentioned it once or twice already):

Did I say crafty? Because I made the cake too. It's a robot. It was fancy:

So many wonderful faces, new and old. I don't think I'm up for this every year (maybe never again, actually) but for his first birthday in a new neighborhood, new school, new house, I thought it was a good opportunity to get himself on the radar.

It went well, and best of all - it's over! I've learned a lot from this experience, and I think next year I will definitely do some things differently. But Devlin had a great time, and I'm grateful to have been able to provide this for him.

He's so worth it.

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Jacob noted that Devlin appears to be quite the ladies' man. :)

So glad it went well! So glad you'd post the pictures! I totally love it! Happy, happy birthday sweet Dev! And hooray for his sweet mom who bent over backwards to make it happen! LOVE YOU ALL!!

You went above and beyond! And a good time was had by all.

Happy birthday, Dev!

Rachel, it looks like you throw a good party!