Tender Mercies

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, September 9, 2010 at 7:54 AM


In my church, we have a saying that is, I believe, peculiar to us. Every church and religion has them (know because I've spent hours upon hours making fun of mine and others'!) We will sometimes refer to a given circumstance or event as a "tender mercy"; it's basically a little Easter egg from our Heavenly Father, letting us know that he's aware of us and that while his job is not to fix all our problems, that he is listening and can help provide us with clarity and inspiration about what to do.

Mormons view everything from a feeling to check your shoe before you put it on, avoiding the scorpion inside, to finding $5 in your jeans pocket, to being cured of cancer, as a tender mercy. I love this about us.

This morning, I was walking to the garage before I took the kids to school. (I was walking out there to attempt to determine and eliminate, once and for all, the source of a particularly foul smell in my van that had been eluding me for some days, but that's not the tender mercy part. Although I did find it.) David was already out there, and the door from the house to the garage was open. For the past 4 months, this has been a Dixon Family Cardinal Sin; as hot as it is here, we Arizonans behave as if the air outside is infected with a very contagious, deadly pathogen, and we must keep our houses hermetically sealed to avoid exposure.

So I'm walking to the garage, when I feel our air conditioner doing something very strange. It is blowing cool air onto my feet. Great, I thought - what is broken now? We've had a recent string of things malfunctioning that can only come with owning two homes: one old, one cheap. But instead, I kept walking, and found that the cool breeze on my toes was actually coming from the garage. From OUTSIDE. The delightful turn in the air, that momentary crisp, lively sensation, wasn't manufactured. It was the real thing.

It's just a taste of what's to come, and there is a lot of miserable weather between here and there (that's why it's a tender mercy, and not a full-blown miracle) but that little breeze spoke to my soul.

I think it's going to be a good day.

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I heard it was great out there this morning. I snoozed my way through it. Haha. You are right: great things to come.

Love this! I, too, am grateful for the cooler weather.

Since reading your post earlier this morning, I have come across two other blogs that, within the last few days, have had a blog about tender mercies. Way weird.

Oh, and loving the cool weather up here in Utah too. :)

I was shocked when I stepped outside at 1pm and it was bearable!!!

Yea! I'm so happy the weather was cool and you had a tender mercy personally delivered right to your door. I love the breakdown you provide of a tender mercy. You are so cute. Many more pleasant weather days I wish for you!