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The Primary program was Sunday. For all that I like to think I'm an unconventional free bird, it turns out that I'm right at the front of the June Cleaver parade when it comes to watching my children perform. I sit on the front row, I wave, I make big eyes, I eat it up with a very traditional spoon. I dare you to find a mom who doesn't!

(The "good" picture):

It was, as the Primary program often is, life distilled into its most basic truths.

Devlin gave his recitation with scientific accuracy, but still managed to make everyone laugh with a wry smile and a "fancy" finish. His new pants, belted and cinched as tightly as they could go, did not fall down. This was not a given.

Eve walked to the microphone, turned to the prompter next to the stand who was leaning over to whisper Eve's line in her ear, and said very clearly "I know my part." Dismissed, the prompter sat back while Eve did, indeed, give her part perfectly.

Iris stood on my lap, somersaulted over the bench, played roller derby through everyone's legs, and wished with all her hedgie might that she was on stage with her brother and sister.

(The "real" picture: Eve staring dreamily into space, having not moved an inch from the other photo, Devlin looking tremendously annoyed at something - probably Eve - and Iris looking up at her dubious role models).

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tooooo cute! Our primary program is the 14th and I only have ONE kid in it this year...now next year...lol.

You make me laugh! Sooooo cute they were! So glad I got to partake.

And yet they're holding hands in both pictures. Now doesn't that say something wonderful?

It was such a great program. We are SO glad we were there to see it in person. Aren't these three kids wonderful? I love the "good" and "real" pictures and your perfect summations of the subjects in each of them.

I love primary programs. Especially when you can enjoy them from a far. So cute.