The sling lady

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 9:27 PM


You've probably all seen me carrying my babies in cloths like this one. I am so completely devoted to this practice - babywearing, we call it - that I just want to stand on my roof and sing it out loud, so everyone of childbearing age for 30 miles in every direction can hear the good news!

You may have heard some vague rumblings recently about recalls of slings, or concerns about babywearing safety. The facts of the matter are that any carrier can be used in an unsafe way, but a good quality carrier used correctly is not only safe, but vital to the well-being of mother and baby.

Worn babies:

- cry less
- nurse better
- develop better socially, mentally, and physically
- have opportunities to interact with the world around them, instead of a forest of knees!
- are kept safe and close to their mothers, where they belong

Mother who wear their babies:

- are able to meet their babies' needs completely, hands free!
- are more easily able to tend to other children
- can get around places that a stroller wouldn't dare to go
- nurse anytime, anywhere, invisibly
- look chic and fabulous, like Earth Mother goddesses (okay, I just put that one in to make myself feel good)

I am going to be teaching a seminar on this subject later this month, so pass the word along if you know anyone who could use this information. Or, come join us on Facebook if you are local: we have monthly meetings and we can teach you everything you need to know!

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If this picture doesn't sell it, I don't know what will.

SO cute. Such a sweet picture. And didn't that little girl in the sling just turn 2?! Another selling point, in my opinion. These things last longer than car seats. :)

Yes, I agree. And she is, as we know, NOT a dainty two-year-old, either. That is some heavy-duty fabric!

What a beautiful cherub! Oh, those curly locks!

<3 this picture. Two beauties!

I love babywearing. I have done it with all three of my kids and will continue with the fourth. I would get nothing done if I didn't do it. I wish that there was a class near me because I can always learn something new.

I loved wearing sadie and am ever grateful for your help. I tell everyone I know they should try it. Number four is now on the way and i really want to buy a new sling even though, or maybe because, this will be the last. something pretty you know. I wish we were closer and I could come to your seminar.

Wish you'd come to UT and teach me. :)

I want to get a sling! And would love to know how to use it. When and where is the seminar?