Trick or Treat by Number

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Sunday, October 31, 2010 at 8:03 PM


Number of houses visited: 22

Number of candy-givers apparently familiar with UNICEF trick-or-treating program: 3

Percentage of houses at which Devlin gave a short dissertation on exactly how much mosquito netting could be purchased for $19, as per the back of the collection box: 100

Number of kind souls who physically attempted to stuff a fun-size candy bar into the coin slot, despite my protests that the box was actually meant for pennies: 1

Number of extremely generous residents who gave each child a dollar: 2

Number of houses featuring railing around their porches, prompting Eve, dressed as Juliet, to exclaim "Look, a BALCONY!" and proceed to swoon and fawn over an imaginary Romeo presumably waiting just out of sight: 6

Number of times Iris yelled "Yappy Noweeeeeeeeen!": 5,480,287

Amount collected for UNICEF: $18.30

Number of children declaring themselves to have LOVED trick-or-treating: 3

Amount of candy said children brought home tonight: nada

Number of mothers silently, pleasantly surprised how much her kids enjoyed doing something so outside the typical Halloween experience: 1

Will we be doing this again? absolutely.

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I would like to have been a fly on the wall to see that and hear the dissertation. My favorite was the balconies...

Claudia, just ask him about it next time you see him! I'm sure he memorized the box. He was totally into it.

Iris oozes fun and exuberance. I wish we could capture it. Yappy Nowweeen indeed. What a doll.

So cute! I would have been so tickled to have had these cutie at my door, and not even asking for candy. So sweet. I love the part about the balconies, and Iris in that costume is just too much. Hilarious!!

Hey, we need to keep you in mind for next year and have you do a guest post on this fun alternative to regular trick-or-treating. Glad your kids loved it.

I would totally do that. It was very enlightening - even if you take the candy out of the equation (which was honestly what I thought it was all about for the kids!) they still enjoy the process just as much.