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She pushes me roughly backward onto our couch, the blue one, the biggest and most comfortable. Releasing the corner of the spine from between her teeth, she grins and hands me the object of her affection: a well-worn Little Golden Book copy of Cinderella.

Again, the demand. "Weed! Weeeeeeeeeed!"

I sit.

One girl climbs up and curls beside me, the other on my lap. We do it their favorite way this morning: at every instance of Cinderella's name, I replace it with one of theirs. There once was a kind and beautiful girl named Iris; the fairy godmother waved her wand and turned Iris's rags into the most beautiful ballgown she had ever seen.

At every mention of her name, her nose wrinkles and she chortles exultantly. She buries her head in my shoulder and looks shyly up at me.

Iris slid her delicate foot into the glass slipper...

...and the sheer mass of it broke the shoe into a thousand pieces!

Just kidding.

Iris and her prince lived happily ever after, in peace and kindness all the days of their lives.

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Iloveitiloveitiloveit. So cute. You paint such vivid pictures of the events, it's like I was there. Love that sweet girl Iris.