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I have been blogging much more for me lately, for my writing and my own indulgence, and posting fewer pictures of the kids.

That's all well and good, but then one day your baby looks like this, and, well, you just have to take a picture.

Her curls just get longer, and fuller, and curlier, and more incredible. I hate to tame them at all - it pains me to force them into rubber bands, or clip them off to the side. I like them wild and free and in-your-face.

David calls her Albert with this hairstyle. (Don't see it? I'll post another picture after she wakes up from her nap.) She has claimed this epithet for her own cause, and now proudly proclaims herself, chortling, to be "Balbert".

I know she'll probably hate those curls when she gets older. That will make my heart ache. I never want her to say her hair is ugly, or her thighs are too dimpled, or her nose is too big.

I want her just the way she is now, not knowing that flat shiny hair is the fashion, not knowing that she's supposed to tear herself down for the sake of fitting in. I want her to know that its okay to be too smart, too passionate, too juicy, too much.

Plenty of flat-ironed, photoshopped, watered-down, milktoast people in this world already.

Let your curly flag fly, Iris.

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As a mom of a super curly redheaded anything but the norm girl, I can't agree with this post enough!! Love it!

Oh, that adorable child! Can't get enough.

Rachel thank you for your eloquent words of describing you beautiful and adorable daughter. She is a reflection of you. I too have a beautiful, smart, amazing curly head...well all three of them are curly heads. But I am trying so hard for them to love and appreciate their gorgeous curls. To my dislike their is always someone who comes along and tells her (well all three) that she is going to hate her curls when she gets older. So I am going to read this blog to her. I have worked really hard to get her where she so that she tells ignorant people that she loves her curls, she is proud of them, and she wont ruin her hair to fit in. Although she does get a little annoyed with the constant petting of her hair at school. Again a big hug of thanks to you. You are amazing.

She is so beautiful! Great pictures.

she's just adorable.

and those socks are just the icing on the cake.

Agh! I love it! I love her expressions and those fabulous curls. She has never really been one to apologize, and I'm with you, I think we could all do with less of that in our female portion of society anyway. I think we're all pretty awesome just the way we are. And I mean that as much a tribute to our maker as to the beings themselves.

Now that is a REALLY cute kid, seriously.

I was laughing @ the hardcore comment. It was so fun to mix it up out there in Sun City but honestly is was only the second time I've been out there but with that being said I did thrift maybe I am hardcore:-)

Guess what...I already like you because I saw you carrying out that yellow lamp. I wish I had more space for all of the treasures I carry home but glad to see somebody else cool like you gets at chance @ it.

SO well said!! She's a bright spot, that's for certain. And adorable. Love your thoughts. If only all girls could read them, tuck them away in their hearts, and pull them out when they are teens, full of angst about themselves. Makes my heart hurt to think of it. Wonderful post, Rachel!

I needed that smile today. Thank you and thank your juicy little hedgehog. <3