Consolation Prize

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 2:33 PM


I know: instead of a treat to celebrate my 14th day of good spirits, I think I'll just have the kind of day that reminds me why I felt the need to publicly declare when I *didn't* feel like this for 36 consecutive hours.

My jaw is clenched, I've been crying all day, my throat is sore from yelling, my muscles are tired, my kids are oppressive, the wind is blowing in my face, and I just want to crawl into a cave and hide from everyone.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Comments (5)

Oh.....I do hope tomorrow is better! What happened?

this sounds painfully familiar. I'm so sorry, hope things will get better for you soon.

Sleep and chocolate usually fix it for me. Okay add a diet coke, except I'm off carbonation. Tomorrow will be better. :)

Oh Rachel. I wish I was there. I'm so sorry. Call me if you need to, k? I love you!

at least you have your trash compactor knob...

I feel ya sister..screaming and jaw clenching not so fun.