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When we were moving, there were a few niggly requests on my wish list that were maybe just a little out of the ordinary/random/stubborn-little-wifey type of things.

- a front porch (an unshaded front door in Arizona is one of the most un-welcoming things I can imagine, like the surface of Mars)

- a lovely climbing tree somewhere

- "character" (but not to preempt "safe neighborhood" and "good schools" - I'm still a born-and-raised suburbanite, so let's not put on airs)

- a window over the kitchen sink, so I could watch my kids play in the front yard while I tidy up, or bake cookies in high heels, or whatever I was doing in my daydream

- a real, proper entryway (our last house, dear as it was, had a gracious two square feet of tile when you walked in, and from there you had a choice to quickly round the corner and go up the stairs or somersault onto the couch)

Firstly, can I just say that I got everything on that list? This house is perfect.

And now that I have my entryway, I have set about doing it up right. I painted (couple of times, actually), scrubbed the amber glass until it shines, and now I've begun the real decorating process.

Behold, my first acquisition! Thank you, craigslist, once again. $25:

I went back and forth: bench, chair, dresser, desk? And I sort of got everything in one. Technically it's a "telephone table". It's in good shape, but it sadly appears to have been upholstered with a laminated fast food napkin so that's the first thing to go. I'm not planning to paint it.

I have has this fabric laying around for at *least* 7 or 8 years. It's beautiful, love the mustard color and bold floral, but I don't know if it's right for this project. I think maybe it looks kind of sad. What do you think?

I'm thinking one of these rugs, or something similar:

And here's a shot of the entry, for your further contemplation. I'm thinking a mirror or art arrangement above the table, and maybe a coat rack to the right of it. And then I'll need a little something on the opposite wall to balance it, of course! Shelves? A tall dresser? Help!

Whew. I'm tired just thinking about it! Maybe I'll find the perfect finishing touches at the swap this weekend...

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Wish I had good advice. You inspire me.

"and from there you had a choice to quickly round the corner and go up the stairs or somersault onto the couch" hahahahahahahahahahaha.

um, i'm with granny. i have no ideas except that i love what you've started with [so charming] and those rug options are TDF.

I would put art on the opposite wall and a little something on the telephone table. If you have furniture on both sides, I think it might feel crowded. But I love the coat rack idea.

And maybe the fabric (lovely though it is) might be too much the same color as the wall. Something on the opposite side of the color wheel might pop more. Turquoise?

I like the second rug the best. I am not sure about the material. It doesn't give it the right feel. I don't think I would put a cabinet on the other wall. It would make it feel too small. Maybe a nice big painting or subway art with a mirror on the opposite side. Just my advice!!

I'm totally with you guys. Great suggestions! Is it too weird to ask for a coat rack for Christmas? In Arizona?

Don't answer that.

Ok, wait!! You're The Wizzle??! Rachel, Laura's friend who came to the Swap and scored the gorgeous yellow lamp and went to college to study theater and looks like my old college friend???? This is you! Funny, cause I've been to your blog before. Small world in Mesa AZ.

First of all, congrats on your home giving you everything you've dreamed of and second, I've been searching for ages (2 years, I can't help that i'm indecisive) for an entry rug and I love your two samples. I swear, I've seen them before but can't remember please give me a heads up. Where did you find these? I love orange. Looks like you do too. And third, your entry way is going to ROCK! It looks like it's going to be cozy and inviting. An opposite color can work like runningfan said. Turquoise would be lovely but so could yellow or even what you already have. But I do love colors that meld into each other and there is something to be said about monochromatic color schemes. So I do like your fabric choice also. And the beauty of that simple little chair is that you can always change it.

Anyway, is this the longest comment ever? sorry. i was just so excited to discover you.

p.s. please swing by one day and take me out for one of your free donuts.