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Dear Mesa Sales and Supply,

Massive product selection, bare bones aesthetic, and surly staff notwithstanding, I have at last overcome my crippling phobia of your establishment by purchasing all my re-upholstering supplies (including the absolute *perfect* fabric) this morning. I'm almost done with the project, and now I feel like a really truly grown-up!

I'm a big kid now,

Almost-30-year-old Mother of Three

* * * * *

Dear Backyardigans,

I love you. I can't say that I would have stumbled upon your multicultural, musical sweetness-and-light if I didn't have children, but I can honestly say that you appeal to me even as an adult . You're not too loud (Dora), not too quiet (Blue's Clues, zzzzzzzzz), you don't teach my kids fart jokes or to kick each other or to adopt a speech impediment (Ling-Ling, seriously, you're adorable, but it was getting old). Just a little bossa nova, a little polka, a little reggae, a little klezmer, and just the right amount of auto tune. I caught myself singing the mermaid lullaby from "Viking Voyage" in the grocery store this morning, and I wasn't even embarrassed.

Maybe I should have been.

- Young at Heart

* * * * *

Dear God, Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Father Time, Voodoo Man, High Priestess, Prince of Darkness, Al Qaeda, or the Son of Sam,

Tonight before dinner, Devlin wrote Eve a note telling her she is a great sister and he loves when she dresses up and runs in to show him her outfit. He attached a "diamond" in a Ziploc baggie. Then after dinner he, of his own accord, helped her very patiently with her preschool homework. This is a MIRACLE. A miracle, I say, and any person or organization who comes forward to take credit for this absolutely shocking display of sibling tenderness will have my abject worship, servitude, and heartfelt gratitude until my dying day.

Because I know it wasn't me.

Not looking a gift horse in the mouth,

Mother of the Year

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I'm glad I'm not the only Mom who nixed Wonder Pest because of the speech impediment.

*BTW, the typo, however appropriate, was not intentional.

I love Backyardigans with an intensity as yet unmatched by any other kids' show. Have you seen the Soccer Monster episode?? It's perfection.

I'm not ready for adult words like 'upholstery' or 'wholesale' and I think it shows in my home. Some day I hope to be a grown up like you.

Heidi, I think that was a Freudian typo. Nicely done.

Ah, but Rachel, it WAS you. Over and over and over you teach, and one day, it all comes spilling out from them. Glad you had that happy moment in time.

P.S. "There's an animal in twublle....there's an animal in twublle....there's an animal in twublle wight hewe." Couldn't resist. Now I have that hideous song in MY head. (and Holly's)

Reupholstering??? Oh, we must talk. I have a project in mind but I'm scared. And clueless.

I agree with Claudia - It was you. and my heart is warmed that your little people love and serve each other so. A mother's dream.