The Parable of the Pears

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(It's been a long time since I was in school for this kind of thing, so I'm not sure if it's technically a parable, or an allegory, or a metaphor, or just self-indulgent drivel. I'm calling it a parable because I like the alliteration. At least I do remember what that is!)

Last week, I bought 6 pears at the produce market. This particular market is known mainly for its exceptionally high snowbird concentration, and secondly for being cheap.

Surely those two things are not unrelated.

Anyway, so my point is that the emphasis at this particular retail establishment is on value, which sometimes means you get a great deal on whatever is in season, and sometimes means you get a cartload of dirt cheap strawberries - which you then open to find 3 beautiful juicy specimens on top, and 15 blue furry soggy ones hidden underneath.

So I bought 6 pears. Buying pears is a leap of faith at the best of times, you know. If they're ripe at the store when you put them in your cart, by the time you get them home they're a mealy, mushy mess. If you bring them home to ripen, you either jump the gun and bite into a crunchy if-I-had-wanted-an-apple-I-would-have-just-eaten-an-apple, or else you wait (too) patiently and don't remember to dig in until you're reminded by the flies buzzing around the fruit bowl.

Fraught with peril, it is, pear shopping.

My fickle fruit sat in a yellow bowl on my counter for 7 days, and sure enough I forgot all about it until Eve spied them Friday morning. At her eager insistence, and noting the absence of fruit flies, we pressed gently on the flesh to see if it gave appropriately.

It did.

We chose the most promising example, cut it into eight pieces, and sat down at the table to try our luck. And it was perfect. It was a perfect pear. Not sandy, crunchy, mealy, bitter, tangy, or soggy. Just perfect.

So we ate all six of them because, you know, why stand on ceremony when we're talking about a gastronomic experience that comes along once in a lifetime? We ate and ate and ate, until the bowl was empty and our bellies were full. It was marvelous.

Our lives can be fraught with peril, too, if we choose to see them that way. Crunchy when we want them to be soft, busy when we want them to be calm, lonely when we wish for company. We want what we cannot have.

Some of us ache for children that do not come.

Some of us have children and fondly remember the days when our lives were really ours.

Some of us wish for more time and means to serve others.

Some of us curse the circumstances that put us in a position to accept service.

Some of us are afraid if we gain our fondest desire, we will still be unsatisfied.

We cry for time to ourselves, then feel guilty and frozen when it is upon us. We can't recognize the hand of Providence, giving us what we need, when we need it. Like ungrateful children, we are offered a trip to the park and a candy bar, and want to know why we aren't going to Disneyland.

Every day bears its own fruit. If we don't forget and leave it sitting on the counter to rot, we may realize that the chance to partake of the experience that today - and only today - can offer, will never come again. There's no point in leaving a beautiful pear in the bowl, thinking it will still be just as good tomorrow.

It won't.

So grab a napkin. Life is juicy.

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this needs to be in a writing contest or something.

ps: it'd win.

Love your perspective...well written!


Perfect. Like the pears. I woke Mike up to read it to him :)

I really enjoyed reading that :)

So beautifully written. We've all heard the advice to live in the moment and all that, but your analogy illustrated it marvelously. Thank you!

This was great and well-written! Just what I needed to hear.

Oh, by the way, I'm Sarah. Your sister, Emily's friend, here in LA. She told me I should read your blog because you're so amazing! And she's right!