Trash to treasure

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I've been very busy this last week, picking everyone's proverbial dumpster. Although I don't always have very good luck thrifting (I know what I want, and I know a deal when I see one, but I am picky picky picky), the Trash Gods have smiled upon me this time.

I figured I'd do one post for the entire haul, and get it over with (or allow those of my readers who enjoy this sort of thing to glut themselves properly all in one shot!)

1. Last weekend, the Fraser Fields Swap was a good time all around. Looks like Jeni is planning another one in February, so start planning to attend now, and no excuses! You've got plenty of time. I brought six items, so I took home six items (total: $0):

A bread box! I've been wanting one, and they go for ridiculous prices on Etsy or eBay. Ridiculous. And this one isn't made of oak or festooned with doves, ribbons, or intertwined hearts:

A sweet vintage lamp (yellow - can you even find it in the absolute sea of sunshine that is my girls' room?)

And by my third trip through the Swap-O-Matic, the good stuff was pretty much gone and we were picking through each others' honest-to-goodness castoffs. But that's okay, because I am resourceful and came home with three picture frames and a dirty old Buddha (I collect them). I cleaned him off and painted him gold and isn't he just the cutest thing now? The kids love him.

2. Also last weekend, I attended a "garage sale" that was really well edited (not a term you would typically apply to a garage sale - more of a boutique, really). I came home with the mirror (which has since been painted, of course) and chair I had requested in advance and only *one* teeny weeny impulse purchase (total: $35):

(By the way, I will be back in a bit for advice on painting and upholstering that little chair. Santa says he wants to bring it to Devlin for Christmas, along with the desk he had me purchase off Craigslist a couple of weeks ago, but evidently Santa's elves outsource their furniture rehab).

This set of 6 green glasses just *had* to come home with me. David says they look like his grandmother's. I say they look fabulous:

3. Random garage sales last weekend (sheesh, did I do anything else at all last weekend?) yielded a lovely little piles of books for the children, 2 very, very sparkly Barbie dresses, a necklace for Iris (which has since been reduced to a broken string and a pile of "diamonds"), and the world's biggest, ugliest wreath (no, REALLY) which has now been stripped of diseased flowers and twisty ties and painted gold - because that way I can leave it up ALL YEAR. Brilliant! (Total, including the spray paint: $6.50):

4. Today, I was on the road before the library opened, and, well, there's a Goodwill *right there*. I got an (allegedly) real snakeskin belt, a pair of roller skates, and a globe which, although plucked from the bowels of a thrift store, does post-date the fall of the Iron Curtain. Yes, I checked. (Total: $8.37):

It's really hard to take a picture of your own waist in a bathroom mirror.

5. And my crowning achievement: I, completely by myself, purchased supplies and reupholstered this item.

I love it. The fabric is perfect, I did a great job, and it is a totally easy, very DIY-able project. For once, something was actually as simple as I thought it would be!

And now, at the end of this very wonderfully busy day, all the laundry is done and I know my bed is waiting for me, with fresh clean heaven-scented sheets. If you want to smell like me (and I promise, you do) go here and pick yourself up something in the karma scent. You won't be sorry.

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I knew we were meant to be sisters.
Omg, I am officially in heaven.
This post makes me happy.

Your chair turned out so great! Way to conquer SAS and upholstering in one fell swoop.

The glasses are a different style than my mom's but are definitely the same 70's green. And awesome.

holy score! you got some good stuff! love the chair re-cover.

i want glasses that remind me of grandma dent!

Bravo, thrifty one! Bravo!

I LOVE the yellow in the bedroom!!!

You are inspiring me to check out garage sales, even though I loathe them.

Oh my word. I need to send you a picture of the green wine goblets I got at a thrift store a couple months ago.

Seriously, Rachel?

Awesome, awesome, awesome. I love it. Love all the new finds. Thanks for posting all the juicy details!

GREAT finds! Impressed! cute cute cute!