We have a winner!

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, November 5, 2010 at 8:18 PM


And it's ME! I won I won I won!

I have been informed by these fine people (who, by the way, are hosting the darn thing - I mistakenly did not give credit properly in my original post) that I am now the very proud owner of two free tickets to the Fraser Fields Swap, coming to a neighborhood near me next weekend.

(Too lazy to click? Don't unnerstand what those fancy underlined words do? Basically, you come dressed to impress for a darling tweedy/Britain in the fall of 1931 theme. It's $10 for a yummy dinner, good conversation, and fancy friends. You bring as many home decor/furniture items as you like to donate to the swap, and take home an equal number from the treasures available - sort of white elephant exchange style, only I am assured no one gets stuck with a Big Mouth Billy Bass).

So, I get to take a friend, because it just wouldn't be fun alone.(If you think it should be you, feel free to make your case now!) I'm warning you, though, if you're likely to be embarrassed by a redheaded companion in a cloche and argyle knee socks, then I suggest you attend with someone else - because I love to dress up and I'm not going to let anyone spoil my fun.

Hope to see you there!

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So jealous. I am going to be out of town!

Too bad! This seems like your kind of event.

Okay- totally awesome that you won the tickets! And it sounds totally fun! You probably have had several emails and gave away the ticket, but if you still have it, (and wouldn't be embarrassed of someone else dressing up- though I would have no idea what I would wear)
[saying this sheepishly in the corner]
I would love to go.