All Dressed Up and Someplace To Go

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, December 9, 2010 at 9:43 PM


As it turns out, a side benefit of always being dressed up and ready to hit the town is that, when the opportunity actually does present itself, you can grab your proverbial purse and head right out the door on a moment's notice.

I was warming up leftovers and grilling sandwiches (looking *fabulous* while doing it) when David came up behind me in the kitchen and said "You shouldn't eat that."

Well, excuse me, I know leftovers are not glamorous but it's got to be eaten, you know?

"No, you shouldn't eat it. And I'm not going to eat it. Instead, the babysitter is coming over and you and I are going to go eat Thai food and hear The King's Singers."

(Which very thing I may or may not have had on my kitchen calendar for months, and I may or may not have explicitly stated that I wanted to be taken to for Christmas. And which earlier that week I had been informed we would not be attending).

So, I whooped and shimmied and skipped out the door without so much as a look in the mirror - because I knew that part was already taken care of.

Dressember 9th:

Shoes: J Shoes
Tights: Nordstrom
Dress: Max and Cleo
Sweatercoat: Anthro

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Glad you got to go to the concert! And ps I like your shoes.

Love, love, LOVE all the colors. I think you're probably the only person that could pull that off and look glamorous. Hope you had a fantastic time at the King's Singers!

love those shoes..well the whole outfit really.