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On Facebook yesterday, I saw a friend post a picture of herself looking *so* cute and stylish, like she always does, and she said she was doing it for "Dressember". Nosy me of course went snooping around, and I liked what I found:

"For the month of December, I am promising to wear a dress every day and documenting it with a photograph. For a whole month when people say "Why are you dressed up, are you going to a wedding? Are you going somewhere after this?" I can say, "I am doing Dressember". You only have so many dress-up days until you die. Who else wants to get in touch with their feminine side?"

Well, this just fits right in with my style and my life philosophy, so in I go like a proper lemming!

December 1: (Skirts count too, by the way). I promise this was yesterday. I didn't get the photo taken until sundown, as you can see, and I was so busy retrieving my free piano that I didn't post it until just now.

December 2: Like my new gloves? They were free too. I'm on fire this week! But I'll try not to have every picture taken by a 7-year-old on my phone.

The downside of this project is that you all are going to see how often I really do wear the same things! I think it will be fun though. If you decide to join me, I hope you'll leave me a comment so I can watch your progress!

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I won't be joining you, but I sure will be admiring your stylish and dressed up self! {I'm pretty sure there isn't enough tea in China to induce me to wear a dress every day. Will this keep me out of heaven?}

Nothing could keep you out of heaven, Granny!

Your are a true beauty... I love the idea. So classy. I have tell everyone about this post.. Thank you my dear, I love when a lady is dressed well, not only do you feel nice, I swear your actions are always a bit more lady like.

It's all I can do to stuff myself into the one skirt that fits on Sundays. Have fun being fancy!

Yeah, I don't think I own a single dress...so while I won't be joining you, I will be stalking...because you look smashing, and I'm totally jealous of your wardrobe! And I LOVE that purple dress and that ruffly sweater...yeah, I might be busting in to your closet some day when I know you're gone...kidding...kind of...

you have impeccable taste, I must say. I'd love to join the fun, but don't know how long I'd last with all this snow outside.

Have fun Rachel! You know me, I'm always in favor of a little dress up!

How is it possible that you look that cute all the time? With every single item on you being stylish and cute?