O Christmas Tree

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We are a proud mishmash tree family. Hodgepodge. Eclectic. Random.

We don't match our tree decor to...well, to anything. We don't have a Tuscan tree, or an Art Deco tree, or an all-white tree. My husband's parents give all their children an ornament every year of their life, and when they leave the nest they take their collection with them, so each and every one can have a Mishmash Tree of their own.

(The great thing about my mother-in-law, though, is that even if I wanted a prim and proper matchy-matchy theme tree, she wouldn't be offended. Or at least, she would never breathe a word if she was).

Granny and Grampa still give their adult children an ornament each Christmas, and one for each of their grandchildren too. David and I are proud to carry on this sweet tradition, and we look forward to choosing a token for the tree to signify that last year with each of our babies.

This year, Devlin got a red snowflake, with the reminder that he is just as unique and special as each snowflake is different from its fellows.

Eve got a nesting doll, blonde, wearing a yellow dress. (Did you know that Iris identifies many colors, and her name for the color yellow is not "yellow", but "Eve"? True story).

Iris received a soft, knitted figurine of a little girl, wearing both shoes and "gocks". I will always remember this ornament, because I chose it based mainly on the fact that I thought it would be very tolerant to squeezing, dropping, and chewing. I suppose she could cut it into pieces with scissors, or light it on fire. Nothing is foolproof.

So now I just have to keep the tree from dying and the children from breaking (some of) the ornaments for the next 19 days.

And special for you, I bring you Dressember 6th, featuring not-yet-seen items (but the shoes). Today was the first day someone asked me why I was "all dressed up" - guess that means I'm doing it right!

Skirt: Boden
Blouse: Talbots
Cardi: Banana Republic
Darling patterened hose that don't show up in the photo: Last Chance (97 cents, people!)
Shoes: Miz Mooz

So, what kind of tree do you have? Tell me all about it!

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Love your tree. And you are right...I would not be offended! :)

Mishmash at my house, too. We have the same "ornament exchanging" tradition. My tree has a collection that boasts anything and everything, from Superman to zebras to delicate glass baubles. Katie finally took her collection to her very own mishmash Christmas tree (about 60 of them). Would you believe I can still barely fit the ornaments on my 9.5 foot tree? How would I have managed another 60? There are so many beautiful "themed" trees, but it just wouldn't do for me. Visitors to my home are always fascinated by my tree and spend some minutes looking at individual ornaments. As a side--last year Dan's then fiance' helped decorate the tree. She took all of the ornaments from other countries and placed them all close to one another. She called it the United Nations part of the tree. Ok, I'm done....

Oh, Dan's then-fiance' is now my darling daughter-in-law! I needed to clarify that. :)