Power Trip

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, December 23, 2010 at 6:53 PM


I just got done doing yoga and using power tools, all in the same evening. Feeling pretty hear-me-roar just at the moment!

The kids and I went to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop this morning. There was a line, but I've waited in longer lines to see a mall Santa, plus they charge you out the nose for the photo AND there are no snowmobiles, tractors, or boats to play on while you wait. All in all, it was a sweet deal.

Devlin was very eager to tell Santa what he wanted (his original, more realistic list, after I crushed his dream of a $300 robot from the Lego store for the last time).

Eve declined to say anything, smile, or explain her general reluctance. She often does this. She doesn't even officially dis you, she just pretends you don't exist. I'm not sure if it's an insult, or just an artifact of her head being firmly planted in a cloud at all times.

Iris was terrified at first - she, like most children, loves Santa in theory and as a lawn ornament, but isn't very keen with an actual strange man patting his lap and looking come-hither - but she is easily plied with food and Santa had a pocket full of candy canes. She deigned to stand by him, smile shyly, and ask for raisins for Christmas.

(Does anyone remember this post? Because I sure do.)

Santa, don't mess with this mama, or I'll forget to put sugar in your cookies.

* * *

Dressember 23rd:
Boots: Born
Tights (not visible, but green and awesome): Nordstrom
Striped socks: Target
Skirt: Boden
Shirt: Downeast Basics
Belt: Anthro
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Necklace: Target
Sunglasses: Sean John

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I love The socks!!!!! Love them so much!

Raisins. That is the sweetest Christmas wish I ever heard.

And I am of the "head in the clouds" persuasion when it comes to Eve. She is sweet, just dreaming.

Raisins. So cute.