Rock Hammer

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, December 8, 2010 at 5:07 PM


I feel like Andy Dufresne.

Like I have a very, very big mountain in front of me, and only a rock hammer to dig my way out. My tiny checks on my silly little to-do list each seem ridiculously insignificant, but if I put my head down and keep going, slowly and surely they do make the beginnings of a tunnel to freedom!

Today's little check marks:

- having finally finished decorating for Christmas, move empty decor boxes from kitchen counter back to shed
- finish laundry (including handwash items!)
- fold laundry
- put laundry away (all on the same day people, this is HUGE)
- move large empty cardboard box from side of garage to recycling bin
- pick up and organize backyard toys
- reorganize ever-expanding sock and hosiery collection
- add stamps and re-post Christmas packages
- bathe all children, including hair washing
- wear cute new Christmas shoes early and spend the afternoon with a friend as reward to self for being so industrious

I think after bedtime I will finish the ironing. I might explode with the domesticity of it all.

Dressember 8th:

Shoes: J Shoes from (Merry Christmas to me)
Tights: DKNY
Skirt: Boden
Top: Anthro
Cardigan: Anthro

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Cute! As always...

You look like Christmas! I love it! And you still gotta tell me how and where you got that piano. I hear it was FREE? That right?! WOW!

Love you!